I may watch too much TV

I think it’s safe to say that I watch a lot of TV. That being said I have never believed I watched too much of it. I will admit to having show marathons (hello giant DVD collection) but at the end of the day I still get everything done that needs to be done. I also want to say that watching a good show, like Game of Thrones or Supernatural, has a way of turning my day around.

I know it may seem a little crazy but I’m content being at home. Going out and hitting up the bar is fun but it’s not something I strive to do every single weekend. I’m content seeing a movie or just sitting at a coffee house (my choice is Biggby).

However, I am always looking for a new show to get caught up in. I have a lot of shows that seem to come to an end at once and it’s horrible for me if I don’t have something else to look forward too. I will admit to crying when Weeds went off the air, I bailed like a baby. Weeds helped my love for TV grow in ways I couldn’t even begin to explain. I will forever love the Botwin family, no matter how long they are off the air.

I will probably by on of those people that when I’m older I’ll have every movie channel you can get (Showtime, HBO, Stars etc.) just for the ability to watch the shows I love. It’ll probably triple my TV/cable bill but it’s worth it. Right?

I find that my knowledge of TV allows me to talk to pretty much everyone, we all gotta watch something right? I can quote shows and movies like there’s no tomorrow (or make a reference even if you don’t get it). I can tell you what to watch and what to avoid. Again, this is my opinion but I don’t stick with a certain channel or genre of shows, I watch it all.

For instance, last week I made it through 2 seasons of Supernatural (just show I can get caught up to season 9). And my DVD collection of shows is the continuing project of mine.


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