I love the warm weather but…

I am in love with this wonderful warm weather we are having. That being said I hope it really sticks around. It’s nice to have the sun out. But what I don’t like is that the temperature changes do to me. Now I have some allergies and while I take meds to tame them, it’s always going to be there.

The main problem I have is my ear infections. I get congested horribly and that leads to the ear infection. It’s not pleasant but I’ve been doing this most of my life so it’s whatever. Lately however my head doesn’t seem to be the only thing hurting. My vision sometimes tilts and then my stomach likes to turn. Makes for a very unpleasant time. The horrible part is that I can be perfectly fine one minute and then boom, I gotta sit or lose my lunch (almost did that today). 

It’s not fun, and I pump up the meds to get rid of it. Just hate the process I have to go through and the nausea….


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