I’ve been a bit slow in the review area

I have come to realize it’s been a VERY LONG TIME since I posted a review. I really want to being by apologizing in that area. Sometimes life has a way of getting ahead of me and I have to let some things sink to the background. I promise that once this semester ends (yay to only one more week) I will pick things back up. I have several things written down to get my reviews done. I will begin posting all of them the moment I get the semester ended.

It’s been quite a difficult semester. I am happy to see that people still come around and I want to really stress that I enjoy doing all of the things I do.

That being said, I didn’t get the chance to write for Entertainment Weekly but I’m not going to stop my blog (case in point back to back posts). But I am moving on from that chance. I find that it was a lesson I had to learn and I got my own little win in on that one. Either way I think it’s a direction I need to explore on my own. I just hope all of you will continue on for the ride.


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