There’s a fine line and your flirting with it

I have always been careful about what I post on here. I can honestly say there’s a fine line between sharing and over sharing. I come from a very open family, you name it, we’ve definitely talked about it, probably a few times. However I believe there’s a time and place for everything.

About a year ago I shared a post about what is okay to share to the “web” and what you should probably leave in a private hand written journal. Call me old fashion if you want but some information isn’t necessary for the general public to know.

It pains me and quite frankly annoys me when people do this. I am the type of person who will “block” or “hide” you if you become like this. I get you have issues, we all do but there is just some that should be left off the web.

My point is this, you post it out there, you can’t take it back. Sure you can delete it and “get rid of the evidence” but in the end, someone saw it. And that’s it.


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