Not so surprising finale – Supernatural – TV show review

No warning for this post. This one is done via my phone so I can’t quickly add it. So take this as your warning, read on with you’re own chances….spoilers ahead.

Well we’ve got another season of Supernatural under oue belt. I have to say this one was a more tame season compared to the rest. However, the storyline was spot on.

I mean really,  who else didn’t want to slap Metatron? At least Dean got a good punch in.

Anyway, we started with the boys going home. And Metatron’s man deciding to turn the tables. He then gets attacked by Dean who has basically lost it with the knife/mark. Dean is then locked up while Cas and Sam go find him. Dean escapes thanks to Crowley who decides to stick around. Cas is going to try and break into Heaven.

Meanwhile Metatron is back on Earth, to “perform miracles”. And big super there always seems to be a camera around. All of it is on tape and he moves on to another town. Dean is showing the marks power by doing what has to be done and ignoring all of his things that make him Dean. This is something that makes Crowley curious. Me too but just to see if what I predicted comes true.

Anyway Cas and Adriel (pardon the spelling) break into Heaven but are soon locked up in jail. Cas tries to reason but it doesn’t work so we have another Angel suicide. This gets Cas free. But Dean has tracked down Metatron and we’re going to get our fight. Sadly not the way we want and Dean is beaten to death. Cas is just a little late on breaking the Angel stone.

Metatron returns to Heaven and with his own stupidity working against him, Cas tricks him into airing everything and they turn on him. And that’s called karma ladies ans gentlemen. And Metatron is locked up.

But whose running Heaven now? It seems Cas is the chosen leader but will he take it?

Back to Sam and Dean, they’re back home. Sam puts Dean’s body on a bed and opens a bottle. He then tries to summon Crowley but he’s already there waiting for Dean. See the thing I love about Crowley is that he never actually lies, he just leaves things out. And that makes him “The devil I know “.

But why was he waiting for Dean? Well back when Dean took on the mark, I knew something was off. I mean it was all too easy. And his side affects just put that firm into my head. But what did I think was going to happen? Well the mark is demon related and it is changing him.

I predicted that the mark would make Dean a demon if he didn’t get rid of it. However him dying wasn’t part of that. But I was right in one thing, Dean awoke from death with black eyes. And anytime before it means a demon. I don’t see this changing now.

So our cliffhangers are who is going to run Heaven? Will Cas get his Grace back in time? And is Dean really a demon?

Well we’ve got quite a wait to learn them but I’ll know it’ll be worth it. I give this a 7 out of 10 stars.


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