Distractions – But he’s cute!

You know how things can just distract the hell out of you?

Well I’m now experiencing it.

But he’s so cute!


We have a new addition to my household. This is “Buddy”. I put in quotes because we don’t have a name but that’s what we’ve been calling him. And he seems to like it. But our goal is to get him home.

We checked for a microchip and there isn’t one. What we do have is an old dog license from last year. And that’s even a dead end which is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. But if we can’t find him his real home, we do have someone to take him.

I just can’t believe no one has reported him missing. We’ve hung flyers and everything. He is a complete and total sweetheart. Someone has to be missing him. He’s well behaved and listens.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


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