Yawn, you call that a season premiere? – Pretty Little Liars season 5 premiere – TV Show Review

I want to first being by saying that if you haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars or you just missed the season 5 premiere. Please stop reading. I’m going into detail about what happened and I don’t want to ruin it for you if you haven’t watched it yet or if you are waiting for West Coast time to watch. Let this be a fair warning however, I wasn’t very impressed with this episode. I’ll explain later…


Review postings include reviews on TV shows, books, music and movies. Reviews are simply, that reviews. I include information from each section and thus this information may or may not contain spoilers. Please take the warning now, if you don’t wish to see or read any SPOILERS, do not continue reading. If you do continue to reading, disregarding this warning, please don’t blame me if something is ruined for you. I did warn you after all. Also, review postings are my opinion and I stand by them. We may not have the same opinion and thus lets not argue over it.



Well well well! It’s back folks, yes after a few long awaited months, we can finally get our Pretty Little Liars back. I went into this episode thinking yes, the girls would still be running but we’d get a better twist in the story than what we got the last season. Honestly I’ve been quite disappointed with this show lately. About half-way through season 4 I began to really get bored with it. All of the so called twists became predictable and boring. They just kept throwing people out there just to confuse you and it wasn’t working. It made the show less entertaining. That being said, this season 5 premiere episode followed that same streak.

Hate me all you want, I love this show but I can’t believe what I really just watched. It was BORING and I’m probably stating it nicely. It’s become clear that we’ve got a serious “A” team (but if you didn’t know that already you should’ve). However, I think it’s just something they’re doing because quite frankly they don’t know who they want to be “A”. It’s just toss a character in and see how we can twist this around. Lame, and not creative. I guess I need to walk you through what happened so you see my point.

We begin right where we left off, Ezra is clearly hurt and being taken away on a stretcher. The girls are trying to hold Aria back who just wants to go to Ezra. However it seems they have a plan up there sleeve once everything seems to calm down, including with the cops. They are going to split up (to which I would like to point out, have you girls NEVER seen a horror movie?). They take turns arriving at the hospital. And clearly they want to draw out “A” but do you really need too when you just saw “A”! I literally shouted, someone go follow the damn black coat. No instead they go and sit in the waiting room. And then boom “A” calls for help via group message (oh the torture of group messages) and just when the girls think they have “A” trapped because one followed Alison, they’re shown it to be otherwise.Via a “A” flash mob. Yes that’s right apparently “A” has about 20 people willing to dress in black and wear masks and taught random girls in the park (can you say far fetched much?).

“It’s happening. Follow the leader.” – A

After this the girls head to safety with Aria still at the hospital waiting to hear about Ezra who’s in surgery. The girls follow Alison to an old theater in NYC and stay the night. Aria is at the hospital when Shawna shows up, claiming that Alison had called her to make sure that she was okay. She waits until Aria is asleep to disappear. Aria wakes up and of course Shawna is in Ezra’s room. He awakens and what they want  you to think is a seizure is really him just freaking out over Shawna being in the room. Why? Well lets see how obvious do we need to make this, oh that’s right we’re going to play “Lets make Shawna ‘A’ game”. Because we can’t get more creative with picking someone to be “A”? I mean come on, seriously?

Anyway, Alison slips out in the night with CeCe to help her disappear. They go to Noel for help and she is going to use the new IDs to leave the country, which means that Alison is staying. When Alison comes back, Emily catches her and Alison quickly explains what happens. However the girls are getting back phone calls from Aria and they tell her to call directly to the theater. Calls keep dropping but back in Rosewood apparently the cops are being notified of Ezra being in the hospital (which I think it’s pushing the far fetched limit here even more). The cop in charge of the girls case calls the theater and knows immediately he’s talking to Alison. She hangs up and when Aria tries to call back, no one dares to pick up. Aria heads back to Ezra, who is now awake. He of course must whisper in his ear who “A” is because she quickly flees the room.

Back in Rosewood, Lucas and Mona apparently are teaming up again to bring down Alison. They obviously know she’s alive and they believe she’ll be back in Rosewood again. They decide to gather all of the people Alison picked on to form a “Mona Army” as it’s being deemed via Twitter and to make sure she leaves again. And among this group is Paige. But as Paige said, it’s time to grow up.

“Sticks and stones, Mona.” – Paige

Paige goes to leave when Melissa shows up. Because of course Melissa would? I’m really just not getting some of this right now and I get that’s part of the confusion they’re trying to create but throwing in these little character who have been gone basically the entire season 4 and make them play rolls now? Did we get bored with the other cast members? Just a thought.

Alright, lets jump back to the theater and the end of the episode (remember when I said earlier it was boring, now you know). The girls are getting there stuff off of the stage when the entire place goes dark. Well naturally “A” has found them. And guess who it is, Shawna. To which I say, LAMEST CHOICE IN THE WORLD for who is “A”. Shawna apparently wants to get revenge for Jenna because she loves her. And now you expect me to believe she’s been playing Alison a fool this whole time? Keep in mind Shawna hasn’t been round since day one. She came in season 3. And she didn’t know Jenna right away either. Really pushing the far fetched limit here folks.

And of course the girls get away safely when Aria attacks Shawna and she falls off the stage. She smashes her head and is dead. Blood and perfect cop chalk outline pose to boot (nice creative touch). And the cops show up but the girls are gone. Keep in mind the girls parents are waiting back in Rosewood wondering where the girls are this whole time. Just a bit ridiculous to me.


And that’s our episode. Lame right? Call me crazy but that was probably one of the most boring episodes I’ve watched. It was really not well put together and the choice of unmasking an “A’ this episode, Shawna was the stupidest choice. Shawna is one of the minimum characters this season and I’m supposed to believe she’s been terrorizing Alison this whole time? Please, I’m not fool. Plus lets think about this from the season 4 finale. We know from Alison (not saying I trust her) that Mrs. D was obviously protecting someone she cared about when she put Alison in that hole. And do you honestly believe that she would protect Shawna? No I’m not buying it for one second. And this whole Mona army thing? Seriously? I understand being bullied (been there and done that) but setting up an army against her isn’t helping anything. It’s just adding to the problem and please, just grow the hell up or kill her off because I’m really sick of this crap.

I was really hoping this show would take a good direction start but that’s not happening. We have Mona trying to be Alison yet again and we all know how this story ends because lets face it, we’ve seen it the PAST 4 SEASONS. As for Melissa’s secret, she knows who hit Alison because I believe she saw it happen. And again, Melissa was gone for all of season 4 and now she’s back and you want me to just believe she is going to be the target now (because that’s where it’s headed folks). And for Ezra, we know he’s going to be okay because we’ve seen the previews. The girls are going to have to get used to Alison being around again and I think that’s where the drama is going to come from. But if that’s it, this show can’t be worth the two more seasons it just got renewed for.

Sorry guys, I love Pretty Little Liars but my rating for this premiere is 3 out of 10 stars. I give a star for the girls trying to get a step ahead of A. I give another star for Ezra actually keeping his memory. And the final star goes to “A” for the flash-mod.


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