I should start a business

I’ve been told before that I’d be great at owning a bar or a restaurant. I know nothing about food except what tastes good and as for the bar, I’m not a real big drinker. Neither of which would really matter in the end if I wasn’t doing the cooking or serving drinks, merely handling all of the things you don’t see. It’s been a neat idea but honestly, I’m not quite sure I really want to go into that route right now, never say never though right?

But what if I actually did it? Would it be in my degree? Sounds complicated, Web Design ya know? No I have a different idea, not that I don’t want to work in my degree field (I’ve wasted 5 years of school for nothing). I was thinking about a business as a professional house sitter. Crazy right? But if you think about it, wouldn’t that be a cool way to travel and see the country/world? Of course I’d have to build some respectable clients lists (already got 3 under my belt) and then move on from there. Hell I just did some cleaning at my brother’s house, where I’m currently house sitting.

Give people some piece of mind I guess right? It would be kinda cool to do, even if it’s a just a little dreamy idea.

On a side note, I’m still in the works of trying to get published. So far I’ve had zero luck in the book agent department. I’ve looked into self-publishing, but that’s quite a nice chunk of change if you have it done with editors and such. Well I’ve begun to look into other ways of getting it done. I did some research and learned that you can self-publish through Amazon. Pretty cool right? All of it is free, you just have to do most of the work. I expect that however. The little catch? Well you get 70% royalties, not too bad if you are going to go that route. That being said, I’m doing some editing. I refuse to publish a book if it’s got a lot of grammar errors. They happen I know but they can be annoying if there are too many.

I’ll keep you posted and when it’s actually out there, I’ll of course share the link.


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