Lets talk “God” – Supernatural – TV Show Review

Lets get one thing clear here, I’m referring to God on the TV Show Supernatural. I’m not referring to God in general or anything like that, God on a TV Show. I will not take kindly to people blasting me for not understanding what I’m getting at, check the title too. Either way, I’ve been pondering this for a while and I want to do a post on it.

I hope you watch the show, it’s a wonderful addiction.

In season 4 and season 5 of Supernatural, we learn about the appending Apocalypse, which was started by Dean. A group of angels raced into to Hell and dragged him out, we later learn that Castiel was the one who not only put the hand print on him but who carried him out. And I must say, Castiel is probably my favorite character. Dean and Sam are great but that little nerdy angel just gets my heart going. Anyway, we learn that Dean opened the first seal, the one to let Lucifer out of his cage. What we don’t know is how Dean and Sam are going to let this play out.

Meanwhile Sam and Ruby are getting cozy and Sam is developing an addiction to blood. Simple and clearly not a good idea but it’s Sam so we let the dice fall until it becomes horrible. Anyway, Sam is trying to stop Lilith (which is also the name of the first vampire on True Blood but that’s a whole other deck of cards) from opening more seals. Alastar, the demon who was Dean’s boss in hell is trying to help. With all of this going on, Dean and Sam are getting to meet a new species of supernatural creatures, Angels. And Dean even gets lucky with one, Anna. Eventually the Ruby/Sam relationship tears between Dean and Sam and they split off from Dean. Dean learns too late that Lilith is the last seal and that if Sam kills her, he’ll let Lucifer out. But of course this happens and we end season 4 with the bright light and obviously Lucifer coming out into the world.

Lets drive a little deeper here, Dean and Sam learn that there lives as Hunters have been published as a book series. The author is Carver Edlund aka Chuck Sherley is actually a “prophet of the Lord”. Castiel becomes more present during this time. Chuck is protected by an Arch-Angel, anyone who is a threat will be taken out. This backfires on Castiel when he helps Dean try to stop Sam. One important thing I want to point out is that Chuck said he didn’t know any of it was real, he thought they were just characters he made up.

Chuck: I’m a god. A cruel, cruel, capricious god. The things I put you through. The physical beatings alone!

I just want you to keep in mind that quote, it’s an important part. Now the show runner Eric and others have confirmed that Chuck was the Eric to the Supernatural world, the creator and all. However, does this actually say he is God? Hmm decisions decisions. Anyway, we see Chuck through the rest of Season 5. He’s big in the final episode of Season 5 where we see him writing the ending to Dean and Sam’s story. He’s not dressed the way he normally is, all in white instead of a rob. He’s drinking like before but he seems calmer. We also know from Joshua that God is in fact on Earth (he did love the humans) and that the necklace Dean wore wouldn’t work the way it should around him. This is something I have an issue with but that’s a different story.

Take all of this into account and I think it’s pretty clear that Chuck was God on the show. He disappears with a smirk in the last few minutes of the show too. However, I do want to point out something that is important, Death told Dean that he would one day reap God. He seemed amused about it and don’t you think if God was actually gone he would’ve said something about it in the many times we’ve seem him since?

This leads me to believe that God aka Chuck is still alive and well (same as our dear Eric). So what does this all mean? We as we know for the next seasons it’s all about the problems that Angels are having. We haven’t even begun to see what could happen, especially now that Metatron is locked up and Castiel seems to be in charge again. And I wont even get started on what happened to Dean. But it seems clear to me that God still cares about the creatures he has made, he wouldn’t just let things fall apart right? I mean he did change how the Apocalypse ended and seemed pretty happy about it too. 

All of that aside, I’m hoping to see some of this come to play in Season 10 of the show. I also hope to see them talk about some powerful witches. Sure we have seen the powerful bad ones and the good ones but can we just jumped to the next level here? High Priestess, they are the most powerful after all. I mean how else are we going to save Dean? Someone has to cleanse his soul, and no Angel can do that. So either God comes into play or we have a High Priestess. Unless of course Castiel is suddenly able to get God like powers, which I could see happening too.

I’m interested to see how this all comes about in season 10. The wait is long but it’s going to all work out, I know it is. And lets be frank (as I stated in a previous review for the season 9 finale), we all knew the Dean becoming a demon was going to happen the moment he took that mark on. And who could get rid of that blade/mark but someone powerful? New characters keep this show interesting and I’m hoping to see more of that. Plus  if we have a High Priestess, don’t you think she would know a lot more than Dean and Sam ever could begin too? And I mean Priestess rather can Priest because we have enough show running men, lets get the women back into the mix.

Season 10 can’t get here soon enough.


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