Holiday week…..I need it to end!

When it comes to Holiday weeks, they’re probably the worst for those of us who work retail. Not only because we’re busy but people get really rude. Crazy right? Nope it’s not really. See people get demanding and if you don’t have what they’re looking for, you might as well forget about getting a nice response. Sure it starts slowly but the closer to the Holiday you get, the worse it gets. I can honestly say we have a decent amount of people scheduled. However, none of them are scheduled when they should be. This is going to be a problem.

And they wonder why the customer satisfaction level is low?

Anyway, have you see this article about a 19-year-old teenager from Texas? If you haven’t let me give you a quick “in the loop”. She is clearly from a richer family than mine, given all of the hunting she has done in Africa. That being said, she has shared photos on Facebook that some have deemed not right and want them taken down. Her photos are of her and the kills she has made. We’re talking lions, rhino (white) and cheetahs. Alright shocking and when you see Rhino you probably are worried, well white rhino’s aren’t on the endangered species list and same for the rest of the animals. Honestly, they wouldn’t let people hunt them if it was a problem. And I know why people are shocked, it’s not something you see normally hunted. But just let the girl be. She hasn’t done anything wrong and if you don’t want to see the photos, UN-FRIEND her and be done with it. And another thing, stop sharing the article with the pictures. Problem solved.

On the bright side, next week Friday I’m on vacation. I’m counting down the days too. Sun, fun and family! It can’t some soon enough!


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