Sometimes change is a good thing

Over the past year things have been in full swing of change for me and my family. We had a wedding, my sister’s. We had some lose and some changes in how people live (brother got divorced). We also had a few job changes too. And while all of it seemed a bit too much at once, and it did get to me, all of it worked out in the end.

The best things do come in crazy packages. My sister is happily married and all of it seems to be going pretty damn well. My brother is moving on with his life and taking it one day at a time. He’s realized the most important thing in his life is his three beautiful children and the rest will get played out however it’ll get played out.

As for the job area, I’d been trying for a long time to get into a different area of the store that I worked at. Finally the opportunity was given to me and I took it. It was crazy and quite a change and honestly I had zero training for my new job but it all worked out. I still have trouble but at the end of the day I am doing the best I can. I’m happier and way less stressed in this area than I was in the last.  Before I left I made it clear that the problems would show themselves and after about two months they did. Especially since I’m not there to pick up the slack. And now things are starting to get addressed, not all of them but some. It’s a step in the right direction.

The best part, is that I’m about to go on vacation. A family vacation that I am dying to get started. I have a few more days of work that are going to be long but I can finally kick back under the sun and have some fun in the water. We have a bunch of things planned and all of it is gonna be great. I can just feel it.

As for another change, well lets look at my new WordPress blogging area. You can’t see it on this end but the set up for posting new posts is way different. And it’s a much cleaner set up than the last one. Love it WordPress!


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