So “A” is back? Wait what? – Pretty Little Liars – TV Show Review

Alright alright! Let me first  begin by saying that the title of this isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Hello sarcasm. It can be hard to notice when reading online. I do my best but hey, even I know sometimes it doesn’t come across.

So last night the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars aired. Yes they made it to 100. And this episode was full of surprises. Alison returned to school. Caleb is back in town. Oh and some hook ups happen aka relationships actually be real relationships.

Anyway, all of that aside the big thing they brought back was that “A” was sending messages. I am literally in awe of some of this. The entire show is about “A” torturing these girls and quite frankly it’s starting to get old. All of the secrets at this point the girls just need to do a book with everything out and then “A” wont have power. It’s probably one of the reasons why I’m behind a few episodes but it’s getting to be no surprise anymore.

However, I keep reading not only on Facebook and Twitter but on articles about how surprised people are. This shouldn’t surprise ANYONE. The entire show is based on this “A” getting after these girls. Now we have a list upon list of suspects and just when you think it’s going to scream off the screen the writers throw someone else into the mix of who it could be. Honestly it’s getting to be quite sad. I’ve read the books series and it’s just funny to see the differences and the loops of storyline being played.

Just really get to the point or start getting some of these “A” dead. Good job taking out Shawna but you’ve got a few more to catch up on. And remember that anyone who was once “A” is never really out of the game. Food for thought…..


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