How to go about “Saving” Dean Winchester – Supernatural – TV Show

Alright alright! I’ve touched on this in a previous post but honestly I’ve been asked about it a couple of times I want to get things clear here. First of all, if you don’t watch Supernatural, you should. There are a total of 9 seasons to get caught up on before season 10 hits the air in October.


Okay so let Me start by saying that we ended season 9 with of course Dean turning into a demon. All of this had been building throughout the whole season and wouldn’t ya know it, Crowley was there to welcome him too.

So now we all take a moment to breathe and wait…til October. During that time those of us who have watched the show since the Pilot and loved it since know that there has to be something to fix Dean. Anytime the guys get into a jam they’re able to fix it. So how do we fix Dean?


Here are your options, there are three. I will go into them.


1. You kill Demon Dean.

Sure it sounds simple enough, after all it’s what the Winchester’s do. But this is family and we know that Sam was bargaining for Dean’s life at the same time Dean was wakening as a demon. Sam isn’t going to just kill Dean, he’ll try and find a way to same him. And this of course is before another hunter learns that Dean is a demon.


2. You continue “Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business” and let Dean continue to be a demon while doing it.

So lets say that you can’t find a way to same Dean (I say this is a small thing but hey they’re worked with worse on the show). And you can’t work up the courage to kill Dean. But even though he is acting like a demon, he still wants to do some good. So he just becomes a better hunter right? Hmm maybe we shall have to see.


3. You cleanse Dean’s soul.

Now I know this seems a bit odd to say but we’ve touched on this subject before on Supernatural. Lets face it, if it didn’t mean Sam dying, Crowley would’ve been a cured demon at the end of Season 9. And some believe that this is how you can fix Dean, do the same ritual with him as you did with Crowley. The problem that I have with this is that well, Dean didn’t become a demon the same way that Crowley did, he became a demon because of the mark. And that’s why I think he’s going to need a seriously powerful spell to cleanse his soul.


I’m in favor of the cleansing his soul part because it means that the Winchester’s would have to trust a witch. But here’s the thing about this that I find would be a good show twist, if the witch wasn’t just a normal witch, but a High Priestess. I have a set up for this, not gonna lie.

If anyone is curious continue reading because I’m going to share it (that’s how much I’ve been thinking about it). And here we go…creative writing….


We begin with Sam running into dead ends in ways of trying to save Dean. He has enlisted the help of an unhealthy Castiel. Castiel being weakening by the day because of the borrowed Grace. They have also been trying to follow Dean since he escaped from the Men of Letters, where they were holding him.

They find a string of what appears to be demon kills, fearing that this may be Dean. The only connect is a traveling Freak Show. So naturally they go to talk to the people who are involved in the Freak Show. They meet the woman in charge, a witch by the name of Diana. She has strict rules for the demons and creatures that are in her show, they don’t kill and they live a very different life. But her demons and creatures aren’t normal, they are the except to the Supernatural world. Thus why they are like a family in the Freak Show.

Anyway, they investigate and figure out it’s a former demon that used to be apart of the show years ago. So Sam and Castiel both kill it with the help of Diana. As Sam and Castiel are preparing to leave, they realize that some of the spells that Diana had used were some that they hadn’t encountered before. Castiel takes a moment but figures out she isn’t a normal witch and boom knock on the door and it’s Diana.

She tells the boys she’s a High Priestess, the only one in the world in fact. She the most powerful witch too. Sam begins is suspicious of Diana and the knowledge she seems to have about not only Dean begin a demon but of the borrowed Grace that is slowly killing Castiel. However, before he can figure out if she is on there side of or not, she offers to help Sam save Dean. Castiel wonders how and she says she has a spell that can cleanse a demons soul.


And we move on from there. See I told you I’ve thought about it for a long time. And I think it would be a nice change to throw a woman into the mix too. And to see if the boys can really trust a witch given all of the problems they have had before. And just taking things a little bit deeper into the “what if” portion of the Supernatural world. Not saying it’ll happen but hey if it does, all I ask from Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver is a writers credit (not holding my breathe). Agree or disagree I think it would be cool.


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