I’m unsure if I posted this before but I’m going to get into it for this one. I did something kinda different this first week of August. I had helped people the previous year with items on this list but I wanted to give it a shot myself. I participated in GISHWHES. GISHWHES stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen and we get a list of about 200 items to complete in one week. Each item has a different point value (depending on difficulty). They are either video or image submissions!

Our list of items were just as crazy and inspirational as previous years (i googled previous lists). My team (Time Traveling Yetis) consisted of 15 females (although one was MIA for the entire thing). Our team was able to complete a combined total of 85 items. Insane right? Not really because we were all newbies and wanted to make sure we had a nice pull for the win. I myself completed 22 items of that 85. Go big or go home (family motto).

Now we wont exactly know who won until a couple of months from now. Sucks but hey there’s about 100,000 items/submissions for the judges to go through. And even if my team doesn’t win we have quite a good standing and we honestly kicked some major butt! I am very proud of them and myself. If we do win, it’s a weekend trip to Croatia, Europe to sail on a Pirate ship and to hangout with not only my awesome teammates but with the always amazing Misha Collins. Not bad right?

I guess now it’s waiting game and getting back to what I consider a normal life. That does include a normal sleep schedule (I got about five hours each night). I had a blast and honestly I would recommend to anyone to get in on this awesome scavenger hunt. I’ll keep you posted on the winner!

In the meantime, here are some of the pictures of items we finished! CLICK HERE


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