I don’t recommend falling down the stairs

Last week, I took a tumble down some stairs. Yes while that alone is painful and not fun, taking it down on your knee is much worse. Yes I landed on my knee for each stairs. I have a nice set of bruising going on and while this happened a week ago, I’m still having some issues using my leg/knee normally.

So all of that aside and working on it for eight hours straight a day, it was time to have the Doc look at it. I have never personally done anything this extensive to myself. Unless of course you call breaking my two front teeth (which are fake now, fun fact). Anyway, I went in and she moved my knee around and pushed. Painful but you gotta get through it.

Turns out I over extended my muscle along my knee. Nothing is broke or torn that requires surgery. This is a good thing. However I am not on rest and to stay off my knee and let things mend. I have fluid build up and that is causing more pressure on my knee that it needs. So now I sit and kick back. I am taking it easy but I know that by tomorrow I’m going to be bored out of my mind.

Three days of this. Wish me luck! And lets hope my knee is better too!


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