Life is passing by while I put my mind to work

It seems to me lately that things have either been moving in a such a fast motion or they move slower than I ever thought possible. I find that the speed of things seem to fly when I’m writing away to help clear my mind. And then other times I’ve completed two chapters of a story and it’s only been twenty minutes. Seem right?

My mom says that life is passing me by while I bearing myself in my writing or even a book I’m reading. I will not disagree with her on this account but all of it is what I love to do. Why would I suddenly change that to “not let life pass me by”? I’m not letting is pass, I’m merely enjoying it from the angle in my story.

I honestly can’t explain what has gottan into me lately. I’ve been writing a lot lately and all of it seems to be a way of calming me. Call it stress from work (because lets face it where I work absolutely sucks). Call it a way to clear my head, either way I’m getting a lot more done than I realized I could.

I also have begun writing the old way, my pen to paper. I went on for about two years writing through my computer and while that worked for a time, I just had to get that smell of fresh ink on the page. My hand is a bit sore but I’m enjoying the process. I think another reason I have been using paper is that my new computer doesn’t come with Microsoft Office and that something I need to get fixed. However I have my old computer to use if I need too. I can’t really justify the money right now on putting it on my new computer.

Either way I’m enjoying things and I’m editing like crazy. I am really looking into self-publishing my book on Amazon through Kindle. So we shall see where that goes, the editing is taking a while but I refuse to upload it unless I’m satisfied with it. It wont be perfect (I am editing on my own) but I am going to do the best I can.


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