First and Last First Day of College!

I’m officially in my last year of college. And wow what an amazing long road it has been. I wont be done until after next summer but it’s one more year and I can officially stop spending so much damn money on school. However if only it ended then. I have a loan for this last year of school (who has that kind of money laying around?) and while I’ve always paid out of pocket before this bill wasn’t going to cut it. I wish I didn’t have to go with this student Loan but hey, sometimes you just have too.

Anyway, this is my last year of college and then I get to officially join the big world. My parents have been questioning me on what exactly I plan on doing afterwards. Well my degree allows me to do several things and I’m happy with that. I will not however continue to work this retail job I have now (at least until I get a new one). The only reason I stick around now is because I get a discount for working there and going to school. That’s the only real good thing right now.

Work is just gotta be to a waste of time and the need to really try and care has just gone out of the window. It’s horribly sad to see honestly and while I wish it was different, clearly no one cares to really change it so let it fall to the horrible pieces that it will.

Anyway, I have a few more times of time to kill before class! But I’m happy to see this last year and to have it start!


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