And the winner is…

Sadly not my team the Time Traveling Yetis. The win went to Team Impala. Now it’s a wait for Misha Collins’ email to see who the runner ups are. Sadly we do not get to go on the trip but we get a medallion, a certificate and screensaver (which I can do myself so not quite sure how this is a prize). So I guess there’s that to look forward too right?

Yes I’m really bummed and yes, I’m competitive (it’s in my families blood) but this just means we do harder next year. And I know I did my share on my team. I turned in 22 items off of the list of about 200.

One thing I do want to point out is my point value. Now when it was first cycled into my account it was at the point value it still was at now. That being said they posted something saying that this would change and that they hadn’t factored in every point and bonus points. So I guess somehow mine was ahead of the game? It seems to be a continuing pattern throughout the rest of my team and a few others.

Think we might want to get that looked at peeps.

Either way, it’s off to enjoy some quiet time before next August comes around and we try again!


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