Announcement Tomorrow! – GISHWHES 2014

Well it been quite a long wait and even though they said it would be a long one, I just didn’t realize how long. There were over 100, 000 submissions for this years scavenger hunt. My Team, the Time Traveling Yetis completed a nice chunk of the almost 200 item list. And I honestly think we didn’t a great job for each one of them.

Now we are all newbies and we aren’t quite sure as to what the judges are looking for (and honestly they wont really tell you). However, we still could and should have gottan some bonus points. And tomorrow is the big day, aka Monday, we finally get to know who won. Of course I’ll be at work if it’s announced mid-day so I’m hoping it wont be posted til I am out of the work, because checking my phone is gonna be battery killing. However, if we do win, you’ll probably hear me cheering, from where ever in the world you are.

I am not sure if we will win but I think we have a good chance. However, my luck isn’t ever that great but it still was freaking awesome to take part of and I’m definitely doing GISHWHES next year too.

So here is what I’m asking….cross your fingers for Time Traveling Yetis for the win! I’ll let you know what happens!


2 thoughts on “Announcement Tomorrow! – GISHWHES 2014

  1. I was a mess yesterday! I was so distracted at work checking email. And weirdly disappointed, considering I didn’t think we had a chance of winning, though we did an awesome job! I loved our team, but after doing FEGWEP, I knew we really didn’t stand a chance against the crazy talented people out there. Still licking my wounds a little bit today from not even being runner up. *sniffle* Well, here’s to next year!

    • I was doing the same thing. What I took from it was that basically you have to up your game for next year. My team is ready to go again. There are about 8 of us out of our 15 that want to stick together again next year.

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