There choice or not? The debate – Yahoo News Article Thoughts

Lets get real here for a second and drop any filter you may have. I want to talk about death. Yes it’s the one topic that most people would like to avoid but lets face it, we’re all going to go someday. And the secret with it is, we’re all scared because we don’t know what will happen after that death. I did say I was going to be frank right?

Alright, all of that is now laid out on the table, what if you had a choice to go when you wanted to go? I wasn’t aware there was even a law like this in play but Oregon has one. Now, you can have a living will and make decisions before you actually bite it but this law is a bit different. And I didn’t know about it until I read an article today on Yahoo.

There is a woman who is making the tough choice and has decided to end her life via medication before the brain cancer she has does it for her. Now the type of cancer she has is basically horrible (not that cancer isn’t horrible but hers is unpleasant from the read). Her brain will basically start to backfire on her and eventually she will be in nothing but a lot of pain. And while death does scare a lot of us (I will freely admit it does to me) what if you had a choice in the matter?

Some say this is a form of suicide and sure you know what it is, but it’s a bit more than that. It’s about wanting to go out with a little bit of dignity and pride. But again it’s there choice and they really don’t have anything else. Now I think it’s a bit different then the suicide we actually think of because most don’t have a disease that will eventually kill them. They can continue to live but choose not too. Again I’m not going to apologize for the frankness. But I think it’s still a personal choice and it’s definitely a hard one to make.

I don’t think that many of the people who have done this have actually just said one day they were going to do it. I think it’s something that is thought about for a really long time before any decision is made or any paperwork is signed. I’m actually positive there is a TON of paperwork that needs to be signed before you’re given the medication. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

But anyway I thought the article was really great and honestly really made me happy for this woman. If you would like to read the article, click HERE!


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