I’m a Man of my Word – Supernatural Season 10 Premiere – TV Show review

It finally has happened folks! We got our season 10 of Supernatural off with a bang and I have to say I was at the edge of my seat for that episode wondering and hoping that Sam would finally get a hold of Dean. But alas that wasn’t the case but we did get to see how Dean is now that he is a demon and we learned a little big about what has been going on since the season 9 finale. But anyway, let me get this out of the way…


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Alright so let me quickly run through what happened here. We have learned that it’s been 6 months since Dean disappeared from the Man of Letters bunker. Sam has been searching for him since the disappearance, even after Dean left a note saying he should basically move on. But this is Sam so he’s not going to do that, even if he said he would in season 9. As for Castiel, his stolen Grace has clearly finally started to catch up to him. He isn’t looking all that healthy and he has been helping Sam from the sounds of it. Sam himself was injured in a demon fight and his arm is in a sling (nice way to tie that into the storyline writers).

“I’ll be better when we get him back, after I kick his butt.” – Sam

Sam has obviously been aware that Dean was taken by Crowley. He’s figured that much out at least. The problem is that for these 6 months he has thought it was another demon inside of Dean rather than just Dean being a demon now. He learns this fact after catching the trail the pair has left behind (dead people and surveillance footage). Crowley finally informs Sam that Dean is just a demon now and he had better basically get used to it. Sam of course isn’t going to stand for it and gets wind of where Dean is at that moment and heads out on the road.

“The only demon inside of Dean is his own.” – Crowley

Meanwhile Castiel is clearly trying to live with his stolen Grace and it seems to me he has basically accepted that he’s going to die. But Hanna shows up to ask for help in getting the last two angels to return to heaven. They don’t want to come back and Hanna believes that they can’t have order in Heaven until every single angel returns (she is trying to be in charge, at least that’s how I took it). Castiel agrees even though he’s clearly weak. And yes they do find the two angels, well one to begin with the other one shows up a bit later. Castiel wants to have a calm and rational discussion while Hanna just wants to demand that Daniel returns. Daniel explains that since the fall he has never wanted to return and he has accepted life on Earth and that he is happy where he is. Hanna however isn’t happy about it. When the other angel shows up, who’s name is escaping me, she is prepared to fight her way out of returning. Things quickly escalates and even with Castiel protesting that Hanna stand down, the pair begins to fight. Daniel jumps up to help his friend and Castiel is forced to kill him. The other angel disappears and Hanna is left with a very angry Castiel. Castiel basically tells her to go home and leave the other angel alone.

“Oh yeah porn guy killed Adam.” – Clerk

So what have Crowley and Dean been up too? Well they have been on the road, Crowley has become Sam now. At least that’s how it was presented. Dean is scoring at the bars they visit and enjoying his karaoke time. He has also been causing some problem, killing demons. What Dean doesn’t know is that Crowley has been sending the demons to Dean, to help feed the Kane mark. Dean however doesn’t really seem to different as before except that he’s more selfish and really just wants to do his own thing. However, I got the impression that the bar they are currently been staying at is a stall on Dean’s end. I think he was waiting for Sam to show up to make a final good-bye. Crowley however has had it with the waiting and wants to make a move in hell and have Dean rule by his side. That’s going to backfire and it does because Crowley leaves angry and Dean continues to drink and hook-up with the waitress.


Sam however has finally gottan wind of Dean and has tracked him to a Gas-N-Sip (sound familiar? Castiel worked at one in season 9). Sam learns that a man matching Dean’s description killed a guy named Adam. And after talk to the clerk he is able to finally get a look at the footage of the fight. He sees the fight Dean has with the demon that is in Adam but he also gets to see for the first time Dean as a demon, black eyes and all (and he gives the face we all did at the end of season 9). Sam is of course devastated but he thinks he can still help Dean and continues to follow his trail. Sam however has some car trouble and is forced to stop. The guy that comes to help him isn’t his friend, apparently he knows Dean from somewhere (this isn’t explained at all, so cliff-hanger?).  This guy, who again we’re not given a name, has taken Sam hostage. He calls Dean using Sam’s phone and while we think Dean will go to help Sam, he basically says he wont. He does however tell the man that he can hunt him down and in the end Dean will kill him, that’s a promise.


And then that’s our premiere. Obviously not everything can’t be answered in this episode but there were quite a few things that I was a bit confused about. Like the guy who takes Sam hostage, I’d just like a name please. I don’t need anymore history than that, just a name. Another issue I have and it may seem minor but Dean still has his anti-possession mark on his chest. Now I know that Dean wasn’t possessed and that it’s his soul that is the demon but somehow I still that the mark should at least burn a bit right? Maybe, maybe not I just think it’s a bit interesting and I’m hoping this will be brought up at some point in the season.

There are a couple of things that I know are going to backfire later in this season, for instance the partnership between Deanmon and Crowley. If we know anything but Dean is that he likes to be in charge and so does Crowley. This isn’t going to work out and honestly I think Crowley has yet to begin to understand what Dean has become. Another is that the fact that Metatron is still in a cell in heaven. We have seen before angels get out and honestly I doubt he’s just gonna sit there. The last one, all of the angels are trying to create organization and control without a leader. They need a leader and without one we’re going to go right back where we were before, in season 6 with civil war.

Overall the episode is definitely good and I wasn’t disappointed by anything in it. I was just a bit curious to see how certain things come to play out later in the season. I give the episode 10 out of 10 stars. And if you missed it, you can catch it live on the CW.com or on the CW App. Please watch it and get all caught up.

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