Re-Blog of Predictions for Season 10 of Supernatural – TV Show

Okay so I posted this a while back, right around the end of season 9 of Supernatural. I honestly have done about two more posts regarding what I think is going to happen and diving a bit deeper into a couple of them. But since one of my predictions came true last night, I figured it would be a good idea to bring it back to the front (I was also asked by several people on Twitter). So lets get started!

1. Dean is going to kill other demons not innocents (people).

Alright now lets face facts here, even Crowley has got to know that at some point Dean is probably going to get cured or turn on him. So what better way to make yourself look good than have him kill demons rather than kill people.

This prediction came true on the season 10 premiere episode “Black”. Crowley tells Dean to his has in fact been sending the demons to Dean to basically feed the mark of Kane and to keep Dean alive. Dean believed that these demons were followers of Abbadon.

2. Dean is going to be saved and return to normal (human).

So lets get this right, we all know that Sam isn’t going to let Dean just be a demon, even if Dean seems okay with it. However what we don’t know is what is Sam going to do to get Dean back to normal or what is going to be involved in getting Dean back to normal. I will share how later in this post, keep reading.

3. Castiel will get his Grace back.

4. Heaven will have it’s gates back open.

Castiel is never down for the count. He’s been around since season 4 and he’s personally one of my favorite characters. However clearly his main problem is the stolen Grace that is currently in him. Crowley told us last season that there was no getting the gates of heaven back open but can we really trust him? I say hell no and all they have to do is get one thing back from the spell that Metatron used to closed the gates and they will burst open once again. How to break it, get Castiel his grace back.

5. Metatron has Castiel’s grace inside of him.

It’s a long shot here I know but think of all the work that Metatron went to in getting all of the things he needed to close the gates of heaven and sending the angels to Earth. He isn’t going to just let that sit around. And if we know anything about spells from this show is that something that powerful isn’t just one and done, it’s going to need a power source. And what better source than the man who thinks he’s the new God? And lets remember that Metatron doesn’t want Castiel to be an angel anymore and he would need to Castiel’s grace in a safe place (something he said so himself) and the only safe place is with him always. We also have seen this before in season 4 when we knew that Anna has lost her grace and that another angel had it with him the whole time.

6. Sam will drink demon blood again.

This is another one of my long shots here but I could honestly see him do it again. We saw how pumped up he got when he first started drinking it and what better way to battle with Dean that to make yourself strong. Now I know he has only killed demons with it but what if there was a step in the drinking blood that Ruby never got around to teaching Sam, which was turning Demons back to humans. She did teach him to kill just the demon and save the host, so maybe this is another step.

7. We’re going to meet a very powerful witch aka a High Priestess.

I will admit here this is more a writer in me coming out but I honestly think this is something we need to see here. I spent an entire blog (read it HERE) talking about how I think this will play out, or how I want it too. And lets be honest since Charlie left we have lacked for the female character, so lets bring a witch into the mix. Now remember when I said I would explain more later in my post…here you go…

Alright so if you didn’t read the previous post (I wont hold it against you) I will basically summarize it. Basically Sam is going to be left with little choice when it comes to saving Dean. He can either finish the trials and lose his life, in the process saving Dean or he could find another means. And while I have already predicted something before, I think this is one I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN. Sam goes to a witch for help, with Castiel’s help. She basically runs a freak show of demons and creatures that aren’t exactly in the normal speck of what Sam and Dean have hunted before. She collects all of the rejects of the supernatural world and gives them a home. They need to follow her rules. Castiel learns of her from angels that had stayed with her when they were on Earth. And just to give her a name, Diana. Sam and Castiel come to see her and Diana agrees to help and even though Sam wants to know what she wants in return, she says nothing (but there’s always something right?). Obviously we can’t just have things be normal for this episode and when the freak show Sam and Castiel learn how powerful Diana is. She is able to kill the creature(s) that attacked (I don’t care at this point what attacks, a bunch of demons is good) with just a spell. And that’s when they learn she isn’t a witch but a High Priestess, the first of her kind in a VERY long time.

I could really take a lot of time and write out exactly how I think she’d go about saving Dean but I don’t want to give it all away. If this does in fact play out, I would like some writers credit on the show because I did post about this way back in July. But hey, either way it would be awesome to see.

8. Crowley is going to go to Sam and Castiel for help when Dean gets out of control.

This one is kinda already confirmed by the episode 3 of this season description. However I do think that Sam isn’t going to just let this go and he’s going to take Crowley prisoner again. Who else knows more about the Deanmon than Crowley who’s spent all of the time with him.

9. The mark of Kane isn’t going to disappear if Dean is saved.

Lets face it, the mark of Kane is a pretty damn powerful thing. It was created by Lucifer. That being said the mark has existed for so long that itself is a power source. It requires the death of demons. So if/when Dean is saved this isn’t going to disappear. It will either (A) be given back to Kane himself or (B) it will be show how bonded to the blade and will not go to a new host ever. Remember that the blade is useless without the mark, but the blade is also a power source (think of all the demon blood it has seen throughout it’s long life). I’m hoping more for (B) than (A) because I think (A) is just safe move.

10. Metatron will die this season.

Alright so this goes back to what I said before about Castiels’ grace being inside of him. Metatron will die if the grace is taken from him. This will go down one of two ways, Castiel will himself rip it out of Metatron or if my powerful witch prediction is true, then Diana will do the dirty work herself. But remember that Metatron is way smarter than people give him credit for and it wouldn’t be easy. Diana would have to get close to him and she’d have to get locked up in the cell next to him and somehow form a friendship, while pretending to hate Castiel. Again this second part is a long shot but I have seriously spent a lot of time thinking about it.

11. Gabriel is alive and we’ll see him this season.

Now I have always firmly believe that Gabriel is alive. I of course did see Lucifer kill him and the wings that burned onto the ground around him but he’s the trickster after all. I believe that he again faked his death and maybe spent a little time with Kali but he is now with God. Remember that God is on Earth. I also think that Joshua has found God on Earth and is living there, after all we never did learn if he survived the fall or not.

12. God is alive and we will finally meet him.

This is what I think is going to be the season finale part. I think we are finally going to get to see who “God” is and I’m betting on Chuck. I think part of Chuck was human but remember that God loved the humans above all else and he’d want to be among them. He’d also want a way to keep track of angels and what better way to do it than to pretend to be a profit of the lord. Plus God did make the list of profits right?

I think the 12 predictions is good. I could do a few more but I don’t want to jump ahead too much of the storyline. So we shall see what else plays out and I’ll keep re-blogging this as things come true or if I was close to what happened.


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