A Year is 3 episodes? – Soul Survivor S10 Ep3 Supernatural – TV Show Review

Review of Supernatural episode 3 of season 10, Soul Survivor.


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So if you are like me you wondered what would happen when Sam finally got a hold of Dean. Naturally, you assume Sam would try to cure him and Dean would escape and we’d be right back where we started right? Nope not this time. See apparently a year of the Deanmon is only 3 episodes to the writers. I’m not saying that I’m not happy that Dean isn’t a demon anymore but I just expected to have him around that way a little while longer (mid-season finale to get him fixed up).

However last night was more than just Dean getting all fixed up, although I’m not sure if he’s completely back to himself. Castiel finally caught up to Adenna, well Adenna caught up to them. And when she threatened Hanna moves were needed to be taken. Castiel and Hanna fought back of course but Castiel paid the most. His stolen Grace is basically gone and he is almost dead. But just when you think Castiel is out, Crowley shows up to save the day (Yes I really just said that). Crowley is able to steal Adenna’s Grace and he gives it to Castiel. Castiel is once again back to full power, for now.

“As much as it pains me to say this, your useless to me dead.” – Crowley

Anyway back to Sam and Dean. Sam has taken Dean to the bunker and is giving him blessed blood, the same way he did Crowley. I have a bit of an issue with this part. I personally think this shouldn’t have worked at all and if he did, then Dean should in fact be dead. Here are my reasoning. Dean became a demon after dying and the mark turned him to stay alive. Dean had to keep killing demons to feed the mark, even if he was a demon and now that he’s human it’ll be the same thing. And I really think the blood cure shouldn’t have worked because the cure is made for demons who are created/turned in hell. The mark made Dean a demon, not hell. I’m basically calling out the storyline and lore here of the show. I’m OCD like that.

However Dean is back and he is currently not feeling all the great. Understandable given the fact that he was a demon a few hours before. Castiel is the same way but he needs to get his real Grace back. I guess we shall have to see how this pans out. Oh and apparently Dean being a former demon is going to have side effects now that he’s human.

See ya next week for more fun. Live tweet with me Tuesday at 9pm on The CW.

Here are some quotes from the show:

“Did it ever occur to you I don’t wanna be fixed?” – Dean

“Well I hate demons.” – Sam

“If it doesn’t then Dean is gone and the demon must be dealt with.” – Castiel

“Winchesters, fighting the natural order.” – Dean

“Which one of us is really a monster?” – Dean

“Wow you might actually be worst than me.” – Dean

“You got the stomach for that Sam?” – Dean

“It’s hell. You wait.” – Crowley

“Anyone else care to comment?” – Crowley

“Cas I might be killing him.” – Sam

“Lean, mean, Dean.” – Deanmon

“This is me yanking you’re ass out of the fire. You’re welcome.” – Sam

“Family is all we’ve ever had.” – Sam

“Did not see that coming.” – Crowley

“There’s so many suggestions I don’t know what to do.” – Adenna

“Why can’t you people lounge on clouds and play harps like you’re supposed to?” – Crowley

“As much as it pains me to say this, your useless to me dead.” – Crowley

“I’m not sentimental.” – Crowley

“Personally I like the disease.” – Dean

“Do it. It’s all you.” – Dean

“It’s over.” – Castiel

“Welcome back Dean.” – Sam

“The mark of Kane he still has, and that will still be an issue.” – Castiel

“I tried to kill him Cas.” – Dean

“Heaven and hell seem reasonable back in order. It’s quiet out there.” – Castiel


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