I’ll smile through your rudeness

Working in retail as long as I have, I’ve come to really know how to deal with people who are just freaking bitchy. I’m not going to sugar coat it or put it any other way. Yes I have been one of these people before too but I will not do it unless I have ground to stand on.

Anyway today I went out of my way to help this lady, I was on my lunch break FYI. She stopped me on my way back to punch in. I know the area but I personally have nothing to do with it. So anyway she asked me about a price on an item in the produce department because there was no sign. That can be tricky but I went over to the computer system and found it for her. When I told her the price this was my response:

“Well I’ve tried asking 3 other people and no one knew the price. I can’t believe the service of you people here. And why isn’t there a sign hung? It should say the price but also that it’s from Michigan!”

Naturally I replied with that I don’t work in the area but I will let the manager know of the issue. My response back was less than politie:

“You better because I am sick of how this company is towards it customers. We keep you in business you should do everything to please us.”

This is why I got really peeved. And since I have no ID tag on and well I don’t work in the area I was less than polite back.

“I don’t work in this area. I am actually on break and I’m not obligated to help you. As I said before I will let a manager know.”

I didn’t want for her response but walked away. I informed the manager, who of course didn’t put the sign up and honestly it’s not my problem. All I have to say is “What a bitch!”. I mean seriously?

It wouldn’t surprise me if this came back to me at some point but really I don’t care. If this is how she treated the other 3 people I could see why they didn’t help her or go out of there way? I mean really do you always act that way? This is what I think when people ask this way.

Story of my life.


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