Added some new features

I did some little updates to my blog. I have removed my contact page. I have however added some ways to contact me (besides comments) onto the sidebar for this blog. You can now instantly follow my blog with a click of the follow button (top right below header image) and you can also follow me quickly on Twitter with a click of the follow button (right below the follow blog button).

That being said I’m working on getting my Pinterest button to work. I’m having some difficulties with getting it to show up correctly. I’ve submitted the issue into the support form and I’m hoping to get someone who knows what is going on to help me out soon. I’m attempting to make things easier and to clean up my blog a little bit.

I’m considering nixing the About page but I want to leave a little some extra on the blog besides the Home page. We shall see if I decide to change that little feature. Either way, keep in check for the Pinterest button to be added.


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