Another one Bites the Dust – Survivor – TV Show Review

I want to first begin by saying that I do love Survivor. I have been watching it since season 1 and I’ve loved it’s variety ever since. That being said I get very pissed off when people quit on the show because it’s “too hard”. Guess what? It’s freaking SURVIVOR! It’s not supposed to be easy, that’s the damn point of the game.

I listen to people bitch and complain when they’re on this show. And really I think at as they thought they were going to be staying at some resort and the weren’t going to suffer. And then I wonder if they know what game they’re playing? I mean it’s Survivor the title alone should tell you there are days you are going to go hungry. There are going to be tests on not only your mind but also your bodies ability. And yet somehow people don’t see it as a challenge! Come on people!

And last night the show added another person who has quit to it’s list. These are the people I never want to see again or hear them talked about. I don’t care who you are or the reason you quit. If you leave because you are hurt, then okay you get a pass. However when it comes to quitting you get no sympathy from me and you better disappear.

I know that Jeff has the same feelings. With the amount of people that want to play this game and who are passed up, when people quit it’s angry worthy. And the reason people quit too are a joke.

Anyway Julie decided to quit last night. The main reason (which she didn’t say but we all knew) was that she was going to go home. So instead of seeing her name written down she left before the tribe got the chance to vote her off. She screwed over her alliance in the process. But the other reason she gave was because she couldn’t be out there without her boyfriend? Can you say spoiled little rich girl? You’re only call to “fame” is being someone’s girlfriend.

Do you not have any pride for yourself Julie? I mean really how do you get up in the day? What are you going to do if Jon dumps your butt (which he should)? You spent a little time away from people, well guess what people have spent longer away from their loved ones. The soldiers fighting for our freedom. The doctors who go overseas to help out those who are sick. They will go many months without hearing or seeing their family but you can’t make 39 days without seeing your boyfriend? I’m appalled at you.

I also think that Survivor needs to implement a rule into it’s game that if you quit, you get no money at all (you get $$ for being on their for so many days, not just the million if you win). I think they shouldn’t be allowed to the LIve Reunion shows and they shouldn’t be allowed to use any jobs that involve saying they were on the show. They haven’t earned the right and they sure as hell shouldn’t make money off of something that they couldn’t even finish.


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