A Not Surprising Reveal – The Walking Dead – TV Show Review

So I’ve made a decision on behalf of myself and those of you who continue to read all of my crazy posts. I have decided to take out my “review warning/thought” post to my reviews. It’s getting tiring having to add it to my posts and I would hope by now that if people are going to read what I’ve got, they’ll understand it’s my opinion and there’s going to be spoilers.

“We don’t go back.” – Abraham

So this season of The Walking Dead we’ve basically decided (or the writes have) to take a little time jump between episodes. We see what is happening there and then we jump back to see what’s going on their. I feel a little bit like Dorthy when it came to the Scarecrow in Oz. However I do enjoy getting to see more of the story from the differences in what is happening. It’s just a bit confusing and we are just dragging things out.

So anyway the episode before last Sunday (11-9) we saw there Beth was. We also saw Carol being brought in at the end and of course Daryl and his new friend going back to the group. But we also know that Abraham and some of the gang left for DC, hoping Rick and the rest would follow. So this last episode we got to see what Abraham, Rosie, Tara, Eugen, Glenn and Maggie have been up to since they left in the little white bus.

They’re of course still on the bus and Abraham is driving. With Rosie talking about him needed a haircut and definitely this is your confirmation that these two have a history. But besides that we get to see that they are happy with the travel, although Maggie is questioning whether they should’ve left or not. But as Glenn kindly reminds her, Rick and the others will be following.

Suddenly tragedy strikes the bus and there’s an accident and the bus is on it’s side, with a group of walkers coming in for the feed. Everyone is okay, a little beat up but okay and they have to make a plan quickly to get out and stay alive. The goal of Abraham is to keep Eugene alive because he has the magic cure (which if you still by, I mean really?). Tara is left in charge of that while the rest head out of the bus one at a time to take down the walkers. Somehow they are able to do it and Eugene makes his first zombie/walker kill. He’s about as shook up about it as you’d expect someone to be when they make their first kill. However I find it interesting that he’s never had to do it before but if he’s been with Abraham the whole time well that would be easy to see. Anyway they obviously are going to carry on to DC and head off on foot.

“We’re rolling on.” – Glenn

They’re able to make it to a small town not to far from the bus. But Eugene had suggested before they weren’t far from Rick and the group and could go back. Abraham however wont hear any of it and they are able to find shelter in the local library. They use the bookcases are barriers and all seems fine. But apparently being safe isn’t enough for Abraham who needs a booty call and then you get to see how relationship with Rosie really is. And then there’s Eugene who apparently likes to watch these two do their thing and it’s not something they’re surprised at. So now Eugene has a new nickname, peep-Eugene. I have officially called him and will continue to do it.

While Eugene is enjoying his show, Tara catches him. Through a lecture and some personal revelations Tara and Eugene become good friends. And you’re left wondering, what the hell just happened there? Meanwhile Tara takes a quick peek at Abraham and Rosie (because why not?). The next morning comes and they need to find more transportation. Keep in mind that Eugene admitted to Tara that he had sabotaged the bus so they couldn’t leave. His reasoning is that he thought splitting up was a bad idea. And here is where you get your official confirmation (if you still needed it) that Eugene is full of shit and doesn’t have a cure.Remember what happened to the first ride we saw when Glenn and Tara met these three? Yeah don’t tell me that was an accident.

They find a firetruck and decide if they can get it running this will be there new ride. It’s got plenty of water and should get them far. However another group of walkers breaks out of the Fire Station and there’s too many for them to take out. Suddenly the Fire hose is going and the waters are being torn apart from the force and killed. But who’s running it? None other than Eugene who just also burned through another supply the group needed.

firetruckviewAbraham is able to get the truck moving but it dies not to far from the town and they’re stranded not near any shelter. There’s also a horrible smell in the air and when the group goes to investigate what it is, they come across a very very large herd of walkers moving through the area. Somehow they’re far enough away that the walkers don’t see or hear them. Abraham makes the insane decision that once they get the truck going again that they will just plow through the herd and still be able to get to DC. This starts an argument with Glenn and Rosie at the lead saying that they’ll die or get stuck before they make it through. And we’re not arguing, we’re yelling. To which I saw, the walkers definitely know you’re there now. The argument grows very heated and suddenly Eugene decides to reveal himself. He of course has been lying about who he knows and that his “cure” isn’t really just a cure but a theory. He’s been lying since he first met Abraham and that he doesn’t know if any of it will work and that he’s not a scientist. This sends Abraham into a rage and he attacks Eugene. Eugene hits his head on the ground and they’re able to pull Abraham off of him. However the damage looks like it’s been done because Eugene is unresponsive and possibly dead. And the mission that Abraham has been on is the world went to hell has been a lie and he’s basically shattered.

And that’s the episode. I have to say it’s a pretty boring episode. I’m apparently one of the few who thinks this. But I want to first begin that nothing was revealed in this episode that shocked me. I knew Eugene was full of shit because if he knew the cure and was this person he claimed to be, we would’ve heard/seen him at the CDC. Also when it comes to Abraham and Rosie remember his late night talk with Tara last season? He basically said it then. I’m happy to get some background and to get things out in the open but this episode was a filler in my opinion. I give it 5 out of 10 stars. It’s definitely a low one for me for this season. Hopefully new week will be better when we get to learn how Carol ended up in there with Beth.

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