The Dilemma – Need to Vent

There are things that sometimes you just can’t understand or explain. You’re feelings are involved and you want to make sure no one gets hurt. Yes I am talking about a friend and I want the best thing to happen.

But how do you tell them it’s not going to work out the way they want?

I’ve tried, god knows I’ve tried. However there’s just something not being heard or maybe there’s blinds over their eyes. How do you rip them down? I don’t want anyone to get hurt but somehow I just don’t see this working out the way they want. I have so many clues as to how they’re being played and how badly this is going to go.

I thought maybe a couple of days ago the light was coming through. I thought finally it’s being seen. And then suddenly the light is blocked and it’s right back to where it was once before. Now more hopes are active and words have been said.

I will not speak ill. I will not say it again. But somehow this is going to be bad. Yes I want to hope that it doesn’t go south. Yes I want to say that everything is going to be awesome and work out. I just don’t see it being that way.

And last time wow, it was angry and dark. I just don’t want to see it happen again but at the same time I think it’s going to be the only way this gets moved passed. Lies have been told and the truth is screaming so loudly it’s deafening to your ears that you can’t even hear it.

And here I wait, and sit and watch. I am hoping for the good but all I see is the bad.


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