Someone please Ask Jeeves – Supernatural – TV Show Review

Wow if you missed last night’s episode of Supernatural you missed a good one. I recommend you get on the band wagon and get caught up. This time our episode took on a very popular board game, Clue. Yes lets throw a family with more money than they know what to do with into a house with the Winchesters. Yes this is definitely going to be quite entertaining.

But this isn’t quite like the typical Clue you may know. Dean turns on one of Bobby’s old phones and finds a message from some lady that Bobby is part of her will. So naturally the guys go because it could be important. Well people are already dying, clearly but more seem to be happening. Lets face it, it seems at first we’ve got a lot of ghosts stuck in one house.

There are several opportunities in this episode for some references back to previous seasons. When it was finally revealed what our monster was of this episode I was a bit disappointed at first. I wanted it to be Jefferson Starships just because. And then when it was a shifter I thought, hey it’s able to change so quickly and doesn’t seem affected by the silver the boys have that well, maybe it’s the Alpha Shifter. Sadly know this wasn’t the case.

Instead we got another girl in the wall moment, but she’s actually been hidden in the attic. Until of course the deaths started happening and the girl went psycho. But who is our mystery shifter? Lets see we have a few Cougars who can’t help but hit on Sam and Dean (I mean who wouldn’t?). We have the youngest son of the family. And we have the husband with the bought and paid for wife. Naturally we have to air all of the dirty laundry this family has.

Well come to found out the woman who write Bobby into her will, Bunny had an affair with a shifter. She kept the baby and hid her in the attic so Bobby wouldn’t kill her. But this girl is more than hidden away, she’s the freaking maid! Yes the little innocent maid (please tell me you saw that coming). Although to be fair the Butler was pretty damn awesome (shifter for the episode so that’s a nice twist). Lets not forget that the only way to kill a shifter is with silver.

Dean has the bullets and man did he shoot! And while don’t get me wrong the girl/maid was pretty damn psycho but I don’t think emptying the clip was the deal. Sam is a bit freaked of course and when he tries to talk about it, Dean shuts down. Sam believes that Dean is having side effects from being a demon or the mark. All of this has been played on since of course Dean was turned back human.

I think this is going to be our mid-season finale. I think Dean is gonna get the mark to turn him back into the demon. And this time however, the blood cure isn’t going to work on him. Keep in mind when I say this it’s my prediction for what I think would be a nice twist to happen. So how do we fix Dean? Hmm you’re gonna need a witch but we shall see what happens.

I give this episode 9 out of 10 stars. One star off because of some great opportunities missed for references back. Remember that I live tweet every new episode on Tuesday at 9pm!


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