Case of the Mondays on a Tuesday

To say my stress level has been a little high over the past week has been an understatement. I’m good at hiding how I’m feeling behind a smile or a laugh but really I wear a lot more stress than people think. Yes since I’ve been visiting my doctor more (hello blood work and meds) I have been feeling a little better. I have a problem with my hormones not being level and right now we’re working on getting them where they need to be. It’s been a process.

All of that aside with the holiday coming up and the fact that I work retail, I’ve basically just had enough of the bullshit. I have been taking some relaxing me time and some time to go see some old faces. And maybe something else but right now I’m not sure where that whole thing stands. Quite frankly, I am a mess in the “I really don’t want to do a damn thing” department.

Not exactly a good thing to have when it’s one of the busiest weeks of the year. I actually skipped my classes today because I needed some me time. Even my Dad said I needed a day to chill and to be by myself. Such words of wisdom from him. So that’s what I did, I skipped the last classes before break and took a me day. I blasted music, did some cleaning and just relaxed (at least the best that I could). I felt guilty that I missed class yet again (about the 3 time this semester) but sometimes life just gets in the way.

However it’s back to work tomorrow. But I am going to do some baking for Thanksgiving which is my only way to help bring stress down. I should’ve done something today honestly but I couldn’t work myself up to it. Also with the cut on my hand and wrist I’m limited to what I can do. I refuse to make something that could bother it or make people freak that maybe I bled a little. It hasn’t bled since I did it but people are just paranoid about that stuff. My dessert of choice this time, cookies and creme fudge. It’s to die for.


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