A boring Mid-Season Finale – The Walking Dead – TV Show Review

I realize I’m a couple of days late. I meant to get this posted yesterday but the day got away from me. I also went through most of the day without a phone because my old one was turned off and my new one was in limbo waiting for activation to finished. Yes it was a bit tough on my end and it’s even harder when you’re used to talking someone all the time and can’t unless it’s over Facebook (which required wifi, I have but limited usage). Anyway, lets get this posted (going to be short).

“Shut up.” – Rick

So we begin the finale right where we left off, sort of. We saw Sasha get her face/head smashed against the glass of the building by one of the hospital cops (names are hard to keep track of). He gets away and of course Rick chances him. Not only chances but hits him with the car and the guy now has a broken back. Rick kills him and they make a deal with the other two cops they are holding that they will say the walkers got him when they go to make the trade for Beth and Carol.

All of this seems easy enough right? Well back at the church, we saw the dear Father escape the church through the floor. He does kill the walker who attacks him in the woods but he ends up at the school where we saw Bob lose his leg and all of that “Tainted Meat” fun. Clearly the Father is upset at what he saws but more importantly the walkers have begun to break down the doors and glass of the building. And break through they do. The Father who’s been limping since his first walker attack somehow manages to out run the walkers and make it back to the church. He’s screaming (drawing more attention) and eventually Carl and Michone let him back in. They had no idea he was gone in the first place. But now the door and the walkers are there and they need to get. They escape through the floor, the same way the Father did the first time. Quickly they are able to lock the walkers back inside but who knows how long it’ll hold.

And now they’re left with a decision to stay near or to find a new place to hide. After all they’ve made it clear in the show that the walkers will eventually break through that door. Just when you think they’ll fight the walkers, return our warriors who were heading to DC. Yes they arrive with the firetruck and basically spill everything that happened since they left. Which in turn is shocking but honestly the look on Michone’s face tells me she already expect to hear that Eugene was full of crap. More importantly Michone tells Maggie that Beth is alive and where the others have gone. They agree to go help Rick and the others.

“He was my mentor. My friend. I missed him, that’s the part of the story they leave out.” – Dawn

Back to Atlanta we see Beth sitting with Carol (who is still apparently in a coma). Dawn and Beth have become as close as well as two people can get when one is being held hostage. Dawn does end up killing one of her own to protect what Beth did in there (cue a fall down the elevator shaft). All of this is happening while Rick and the gang are trying to plan a way in. Needless to say we’ve made quite a dent in the episode already. Rick and the others scope out a place to have a meeting. The other cops show and Rick presents them with their offer. It’s returned of course to Dawn and all of it seems to be getting ready to go.

So finally (last ten minutes of the show) we have the exchange of prisoners take place. Yes somehow Rick and the others have been able to get inside of the hospital and they do this in a hallway (classy). This is done one person at a time. Carol first and then Beth. However Dawn isn’t going to just let them go, she wants Noah back, it’s only fair. Rick and the others protest immediately that it wasn’t part of the deal. Noah says he’ll go, knowing that Dawn will open fire if he doesn’t. Beth however isn’t going to let it happen or go. She confronts Dawn and in that moment is shot in the head (this is a OMG moment). And just as quickly Dawn is shot dead too. And things suddenly go quiet and there’s a pause between people.

“You weren’t protecting me, you were protecting yourself.” – Beth

Rick and the other cops there say it’s done and time it move on. Rick offers to the others in the hospital the ability to go with them but the only person who does go is Noah. Heading out of the hospital, Glenn, Maggie and the others arrived and are heading in to help if needed. But they come to late and when Maggie sees Daryl carrying Beth, she breaks down (this what I expect). And all of it ends that way, with the gang walking away from the prison and onto their next adventure.

But not quite ending because we need a Morgan tease too! Yes we see that he is still kind of following the trail of Rick and the gang (but clearly some time has passed, I say about 6 months at the most). He ends up at the school and follows the marks on the tree to the church. Inside he lays out a couple of items and then notices the map on the group. This is the map at Abraham left/gave Rick to follow when they decided to come to DC. Morgan is surprised to see Rick’s name. And that’s where the episode ends.

Alright first things first, Beth being the one to die, not that surprising. I thought for sure though they would do Carol just to cause a big stir in not only the group but for us fans. But Beth was the chosen one. Now as I stated earlier the OMG moment with Beth dying wasn’t that she died but that it was just an abrupt thing to happen. And her whole speech to Dawn was just weird. This episode wasn’t pieced together well. Also we just jumped into the confrontation rather than have it happen in stages. One minute the gang is in another building, after the commercial we’re inside of the hospital. Lets me honest here too, did we really need to have it all go down in the last ten minutes? That was a quite a stupid build up for something that only took about 5 minutes to complete. It’s getting kind of lame and honestly it was a disappointing mid-season finale. I can’t even begin to tell you that people were less than happy to see it. And lets not forget the spoilers posted on the Facebook page before the finale actually aired (way to go AMC).

I give this episode 6 out of 10 stars. It’s gets 5 for being one of my favorite shows and another for killing off someone I thought was an annoying character.

I’ll see all you Walking Dead fans in February when we pick up with the gang!


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