So much to do!

Homework. Homework. This is literally all I can see for the future right now. Lets not even mention that I’m working and attempting to do about ten other different things. All I have to do is finish this research paper and my work load will be easier. Right now I’m attempting to get rid of the easier items first. I’m half-way through my written assignment for my online class. I completed the research portion for my group work (at least what I’m going to do for the rough draft portion). I have to complete several more journals for my Science class, along with another case study paper. Then I also have this stupid research paper and presentation which is due this coming Tuesday.

I’m feeling the pressure of the finals coming up at me. I don’t even want to talk about my database assignment that I haven’t even begun to start with. I also have two other assignments for that class that are also due Tuesday. I’m sinking….


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