Catch a Review on Thursday

Hey guys! I just wanted to throw this out there that I am currently out of data for my internet at home. Yes I live in the middle of no where and I have to pay for Verizon wifi. This of course comes with a data limit. I am pretty sure that I have actually gone over the limit this month.

Hello finals.

That being said I am unable to actually post a review for Supernatural until Thursday. I may get a chance on Wednesday but it’s finals week. Otherwise known as crunch time and I have a crap done of work to get done and I need to get that done before I actually think of a review.

I hate being late on the Supernatural one. I am going to be buzzing about it until I can sit in front of a computer and actually write a review. So I will have to be a good college student and bust out as much as I can to get through all of my assignments and hopefully I can get this up sooner than I think. If not, expect it around mid-afternoon.


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