A plan that actually happened – Survivor – TV Show Review

Alright I’m going to be very honest here, Survivor has been known for having these great plans presented but nothing actually follows through. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve heard these plans presented but people play it safe instead of making the move. Yes this game does involve backstabbing and yes it will sting. However this is what this game is built on, getting to the end. And yes you’re going to burn some bridges but there is a way to go about it correctly and to how not to do it too.

Last night we got to see a plan follow through. Natalie had been a loyal friend to Jon through most of the game but she did have another plan. Since Jon had a hand in voting our her sister, she wanted to get a little revenge. And Jon being a nice guy fool (because lets face it he has been) didn’t think anyone would flip on him. And the plan was going to be done last week but since Jon was immunity, it had to be delayed. That being said I started to have my doubts about Natalie going through it, but she did. She even came up with a clever way to cover her tracks with Alec going home instead of Keith. And now Natalie is trying to make some moves to get to the final 3, even though the tears.

And Jon had no idea this was going to go down. He was cocky and sure that this alliance wouldn’t flip on him. But when the tied votes came up for Keith, Jon and Jacklyn. He knew what was going to happen. After all they had planned to fix it if Jon did end up playing his hidden idol. Jon took the blindside well and it was an epic blindside I have to say. But it’s clear that Jacklyn is pissed at what happened (can you blame her?). And I noticed that Jon didn’t take any of things which I hope means that Jacklyn now has the hidden idol.

Oh next week is the season finale and we get to see who wins. I’m hoping that if Keith makes it to the final 3 he’ll be the winner. I think he deserves it the most. I mean he’s played awesome at challenges and he’s great at camp. He may not have had any great alliances but he helped make moves too. Also, I mean he’s quite a gentleman. He helped Missy around camp, challenges and tribal with her ankle being hurt. He’s my pick to win but with Survivor, anything can happen.


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