Another Winner Crowned – Survivor – TV Show Review

Last night we were given the 29th winner for the show Survivor. Yes, the show has been on for 29 seasons and it’s still going strong with the 30th beginning February 25th. I have watched this show from season 1, first episode and I have loved it ever since. It’s a family tradition.

So last night it was the final 5. Keith, Jacklyn, Missy, Baylor and Natalie. Jon was voted off the previous week after a blindside pulled by Natalie. And she kept making them. Natalie knew that she needed to break up another of the paired teams. After all they are dangerous this far in the game. And after Jon, she needed to keep making moves. She may have done some following around but when it came time to play, she made the moves. Her first of course was “accidentally” voting Alec instead of Keith.

Her chance this time came because Keith won the immunity necklace for the final four. She decided that while she was loyal to Missy and Baylor, she need to break them up in order to have a better chance of winning. This is of course because she couldn’t vote off Keith. So she made sure to go to Jacklyn and to set the right things in motion. Natalie of course had the last hidden immunity idol and was going to play at it the final four. Instead of following what Baylor suggested, Natalie decided to play it for Jacklyn. So in return, Baylor went off to the jury.

All of this seemed pretty clear that the last immunity challenge was going to decide it all. And while the challenge is always a tough one, endurance and a puzzle, it is the one you really truly want to win. And it was a repeat challenge (because I’ve come to the conclusion that is all they can do now). And while Keith and Natalie had quite a lead, Jacklyn was able to come back from behind and win, through her exhaustion.

And now Jacklyn has the power to whom she sits next too for the final three. Naturally this is quite a choice and in the end she decides to keep Natalie and Missy, sending Keith to the jury. And then we are open for the final council, where the jury gets to poke some knives at the final three and get some questions answered.

It became clear who was going to win just based off of what was being said. But we’ll let each one talk and get the answers they need. At this point if it was going to be Keith who won, I wanted it to be Natalie, she played the game. And while Jacklyn did make a case, and Missy was basically torn to shreds (wicked Step-Mother hey Reed?). Natalie however was able to take claim to the moves she made and how she was able to do it. Not only that, there were 6 guys and one girl on the jury. We also know that Baylor was going to vote for her Mom because they have the oddest relationship between Mother and Daughter that I have ever seen.

So we jump to present live day, at the CBS headquarters in LA and we get to see Jeff read the votes. I just want to point out that this finale show was the best one I’ve seen in a while. I loved the Jeff interviews and all of the fun he had during the commercial breaks. Anyway, the votes are read and Natalie wins. Jacklyn was given a few votes and one for Missy (from Baylor). And then we go to the reunion shows. What became clear was that Reed and Missy were still not on good terms (who’s really surprised on that). And we also got to see how relationships changed between castaways after the show aired. That being said I give it a 9 out of 10 stars. I deduct a star because the reunion show was kinda boring.


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