A new villian idea – Supernatural – TV Show Review

Okay this isn’t exactly a TV Show review, more of a creative idea for what would be a good cliff hanger for season 10 and well a good twist for season 11. Of course if you haven’t heard, Supernatural was picked up for season 11. Yes we’re getting more and everyone as long as we’re on board, the entire cast/crew is on board too. Keep watching like me (seriously this is has been a 10 year relationship for me). Anyway, let me not get ahead of myself here.


Alright so we poked fun at this for the 200th episode of Supernatural, when the boys asked who a certain person on stage was and the girls explained that he was Adam, the Winchester’s other brother who was still locked in the cage with Lucifer and Michael in hell. And we all know that Adam is still there and we’ve been waiting for the boys to find a way to break him out, I mean Sam got out in season 6 (maybe not whole at first but we got him all back eventually). So naturally if the boys do find a way to break him out, Adam is going to be more twisted and dark than Sam could ever be.

“Let me tell you what his soul felt like when I touched it…Like it had been skinned alive Dean…if you wanted to kill your brother, you should have done it outright.” – Castiel

However, I find it hard to believe that Adam would be punished the same way Sam was in the cage. Adam afterall agreed to let Michael fight, he agreed to let destiny play out. Meanwhile, Sam fought against in and stopped the whole thing from happening by beating Lucifer in his head and trapping them both back in the cage. All of that in mind, I think Adam might have had some play in the torturing of Sam while he was in the cage. I’m not saying that Adam wasn’t poked at it because lets face it, we all know it happened, but I think it was different.

My idea for season 11 and the cliff-hanger for season 10 is to have Adam come back. Have him somehow be able to break out of the cage, and have him be very powerful (not human anymore if you think about it). He will have absorbed some of Michael and Lucifer’s powers while he was in the cage. All of this was at the agreement of those two. Michael and Lucifer would be essentially creating the new Adam, one who will seek revenge against Sam and Dean (for several reasons). The power he has will influence him.

I think for a cliff-hanger we could have something similar happen to how Dean came back and Adam when he came down from heaven. However it’s going to have to be different and more explosive because lets face it, we gotta up the game for this. Have a dark outline of a finger, covered in black soot. The episode ends with Adam opening his eyes (same actor needed here).

As for season 11, have it be Sam, Dean and Castiel trying to figure out what happened where Adam appeared (have him of course not be there anymore). Plus Crowley will be able to tell the boys that someone is turning his demons against him and he can’t find out who. Also, he would also be recruiting those who are against hunters (other creatures and even some humans). All of this I could jump deeper into but I’d rather save it for those who really want to hear it, if they think it’s a good idea (that’s right Supernatural writers, I’m talking to you here).


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