A Not So Happy Ending – Into the Woods – Movie Review

So unlike a lot of people, I didn’t see American Sniper this weekend (don’t worry I have plans to see it). Instead I went to see Into the Woods with a friend of mine. I had wanted to see the turn on the classic fairytale and since the stories aren’t what a lot of people expect from the fairytale, I wanted to see how it all played out. And being that it was a musical too, you know I have to give it a shot.

I wanted to first begin by saying this isn’t going to my like my typical reviews and I like to keep things different between each post.


Into the words is the a mixture of several stories. All of which are connected do to a witch who wants to get her beauty back. It all starts with the Baker and his wife who want a child. We then throw in Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jack and the bean stock. Yes this is a lot to take on at once. Also they sing through things. Now there are some of the cartoon elements brought in as well. However, it’s not the typical version of the fairy tales.

I would like to first point out the creepy Wolf in the woods (Johnny Depp), who after meeting Red sings about her flesh and how he can’t wait to tear into it. Not saying that this isn’t some good acting (because lets face it, the man is awesome) but it was just a little creepy to listen to.


I mean this movie is all about not only the creepy factor but also just taking the adult humor to another level. There were a couple of kids in the theater when we went to see it and honestly I don’t think it’s meant for young children, teenagers yes but not young children.

So all seems to work out and the fairy tales come true, and the witch gets her beauty back but just when you think the movie is going to end (and after this you wish it had here). Another bean stock that was created brings the Lady Giant to the woods who begins to destroy things. She wants Jack of course (because he’s been stealing things) and if she doesn’t get him she’ll destroy everything. Some want to protect Jack and others want to turn him in. And all the while “Prince Charming” who is now Cinderella’s husband is having a make out session with the baker’s wife. Yes folks Disney threw in some infidelity. And of course the baker never finds out but Cinderella does because of the birds. At this point you are about 20 minutes more into a movie and really characters are just being killed off.


To make this short, the giant is killed and they win. But the Baker has to face the fact that he has to raise his son alone and that Jack and Red are now orphans. And well Cinderella doesn’t want to be with the Prince. So they make there own little new family and we how we began with someone telling the story of what is happening.

Again I want to stress that the movie isn’t horrible, it’s good. I’m not sure it’s worth all of the hype but I still wanted to see it. I would think that if the last 25 minutes of the movie were cut out, it would’ve been a little bit better. The singing sometimes is a little much and you’re really trying to figure out how these fairy tales are changed and why they thought to do it that way. I give it 7 out of 10 stars.


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