So much has changed in a few months

To say my life has done a 180 in a matter of months would be an understatement. I’m getting closer to being done with college for good (even though this one math class is going to probably be a fail on my part) and life is just moving forward. My neighbors moved into a new house closer to town (they are having some health issues). Our new neighbors are family of there’s and while we get along with them, the other household that lives back in our little patch of woods doesn’t, because of one person.

And now it’s just gotttan worse. Case in point, we can’t even talk to that one neighbor anymore because he’s just gottan out of hand with the entire situation.

As for me, I thought I had something good going with someone but it turns out I was completely wrong. We barely speak to each other anymore. And I’m saddened about it and pissed. Just to change in a matter of days is killing me. At least I have the knowledge that it’s not just me that he’s doing it too. All of his friends have asked me about it too. As much as I’d like to say I’m okay with it, I’m not. It’s always going to hurt and while I want to hate him, I can’t bring myself to do it.

Too much at once you know.

As for college, I’m doing fine besides this one math class. I’m doing my best to muddle through it but I’m afraid I’m going to fail it. And that’s quite a hunk of change at this University. But I’m keeping my chin up and I’m hoping I can somehow just pass it. My professor promises this is the hardest part of the semester (we just started). I’m hoping he’s right.

As for all the other drama, I’m trying to give myself distractions the best way I can. I’m having a get together with my good friends and co-workers. That also being said, I did invite him but I’ll be shocked if he does actually show. I’ve planned a trip to Chicago to see my friends who live out there before they move back in June. I’ve got tickets to see a few shows for Laughfest this year and I couldn’t be more excited to see them too.


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