In Need of Some Good News

Life has a way of really knocking you down when you really just don’t need it too. I’m pretty damn good about picking myself up, brushing off the dirt and dust and moving forward. Lately though it seems like this is just getting harder and harder at the fall. I bruise easily too.

First is that things have just fallen apart with a couple of my friends. Our relationship towards each other is different and no matter how much I try to change it, I just can’t get it to be better. I guess if they’re not willing to try, then what I do isn’t going to help. My feelings are just getting hurt time and time again and I can’t deal with it anymore.

Second is that I thought I’d be set to graduate this summer, only two more classes. Well that was shot in the head, execution style. Turns out I need to do my Capstone Project yet (which I’m not even sure what the hell this is). That was a quick fix, just add it to my summer semester. The problem is how much do I need to add to student loan. And no one knows or wont tell me.

Third is that I need to get another class into my requirements, they thought I could substitute a class I took at GRCC in order for it work. Well the guy who’s in charge of program says it will not work. Not only that I’m short a class to make Residency at the college. So I would have to take another class either way. The issue is that nothing is offered this summer. So either something gets worked out (which is being worked on but I’m not holding my breath on it) or I have to go again in the fall.

Damn it to hell and back. Like really? This is the last thing I wanted to hear right now. I thought I’d be done this August. I want to be done with school. I’ve spent the past 6 years in college and I’m really over it and ready to be done. I’ve got Senior-itis really bad and I should do more (I’m cracking down this semester) but sometimes it can’t be helped.

I’m frustrated, overwhelmed and quite frankly in need of good news. I need something to hold onto. I need someone to hug me right now and tell me it’ll be alright. Too bad they up and decided to stop being my friend. I also need a vacation. I have some planned for April (off to Chicago I go) but it needs to be like tomorrow. If only I had the funds to just jump on a plane and go somewhere.

Either way, I’m here trying to keep it together and my head up. I’m hoping things will work out with this class and I don’t have to go again in the fall. However, I’m thinking this isn’t going to work out for me the way I need it too. The picking myself up is going to take a few minutes I think while I catch my breath.


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