Mr. Grey Will See You Now – Fifty Shades of Grey – Movie Review

At this point I think it safe to say you’ve either heard about Fifty Shades of Grey book or movie. It’s kind of hard to miss given all of the noise about it. And I’m going to add to it with my review for the movie. I sat down to watch it Friday night with my Aunt, no Valentine for me.


Fifty Shades of Grey is based off the book by E.L James (same title). Now going into the movie the first thing I want you to keep in mind is even if you have read the books, you have to remember that they can’t do everything you’ve read. They can take a version that is very close to the book and give it to you. Depending on the script writer or director (or both) it can be done very well or not well at all. This is of course a hard line to see and find (pun intended).

Fifty Shades of Grey is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (Love you More and No Where Boy). The movie based off the book is written to screen by Kelly Marcel (Terra Nova and Saving Mr. Banks). We begin by see both Ana Steele (played by Dakota Johnson, Beastly and Need For Speed) and Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan, Marie Antoinette and The Fall) in their normal lives before they meet. Ana has been sent to interview Christian Grey by her sick roommate, Kate (played by Eloise Mumford, So Undercover and In the Blood). Needless to say here we get a taste of the building/company Christian and his blond personal.

The interview is awkward just like the book and you are going to laugh at it. Plus the chemistry is clear once they really get into it (it takes a bit to show but hey, gotta build to something). Christian takes the questions that weren’t answered when Ana leaves. The email of answers is waiting by the time she gets home. Now unlike the book we don’t get to run into Christian right away but in the movie it seems like it’s a matter of hours. Ana is at work and boom Christian shows up. She helps him and he leaves, after getting him to agree to a photo shoot with Jose (played by Victor Rasuk, Godzilla and Lords of Dogtown). There’s a very short coffee date after the shoot and Ana is warned away. However, Ana and Kate finish their finals and decide to go out for drinks. Ana received a gift from Christian took, first edition books, which she can’t accept. Ana drunk dials Christian who then shows up at the bar to get her, after Jose makes a move. He takes her home, after introducing Kate to his brother Elliot (played by Luke Grimes, American Sniper and Taken 2). Christian takes Anna back to his hotel to sleep off the alcohol. When she awakens, Christian has just returned from his run and basically strips in front of her (you’ll drool, Jamie has got some Abs).

Christian Grey: For letting you believe that I… Listen to me. I don’t do romance. My tastes are very singular. You wouldn’t understand.

Anastasia Steele: Enlighten me, then.

He agrees but he needs her to know more, later at his apartment. When he takes her home, there’s a very hot kiss in the elevator and she goes home to find Kate getting lucky with Elliot on the couch. Christian pesters Elliot to hurry and tells Ana goodbye. Kate questions Ana about what happened and Ana just tells about the kiss and that they’re planning a date later. Ana agrees to have Taylor (played by Max Martini, Saving Private Ryan and Contact) pick her up after work. She meets Christian on top of a building at his helicopter. Cue my favorite song from the soundtrack to play while they fly to Seattle.


They arrive at Christian’s apartment and he begins by handing her his contract that she can’t discuss anything they talk about. She signs without thinking twice. He brings her to his Play Room. She believes it to not be what it is. And this is the moment you’ve been waiting for if you’re like me and you’ve wanted to see the Red Room come to life. And it delivers. He explains his taste and all of that to Ana who is trying to process what she’s seeing. They leave the room and Christian explains that she will need to read the contract and decide. They get into some of the things Ana may like and she tells him she hasn’t ever had sex. He’s shocked but in intrigued by it. Then he grabs her and brings her to his room, going to rectify the situation and they have sex for the first time. And wow this is well done too, say steamy.

Ana awakes in the morning to make Christian breakfast. He catches her dancing in the kitchen but they eat and then get in the bath. They begin to go at again but Christian’s Mom shows up. Ana laughs but agrees to get dressed and meet her as Christian goes out. Grace (played by Marcia Gay Harden, Whip It and The Mist), is surprised to see Ana but happy all the same. She leaves extending an invitation for Ana to join them for dinner that weekend. Christian takes Ana home, telling her to read through the contract and to email him with any questions. Ana returns to the apartment to find a brand new computer waiting for her. Ana reads through the contract, teasing Christian throughout the whole thing. The thing I like here is we get a different perspective, Christian’s. Ana eventually decides to tell Christian goodbye and he shows up back at the apartment and they go at it again. He leaves but tells her to think about it. They run into each other again at Graduation and Ana agrees after shaking his hand (this is different from the book).

Christian Grey: I like to see your face. Gives me some clue what you might be thinking.

There’s a mixer after and this is where Christian gets to meet Ana’s Dad Ray (played by Callum Keith Rennie, The Butterfly Effect and Blade: Trinity). All goes well and they go back to Ana’s apartment later that night. Christian spanks her for the first time for rolling her eyes at him, he leaves right after (this is different from the book too because he later returns and stays the night with her in the book). They have a date night Friday and he introduces Ana to the Red Room. He tells her how to be in the room and what she can expect. Before they start to “play” Christian takes her panties and puts them in his jean pockets (goodness those jeans, drool). Needless it’s intense the first time for her and she ends up passing out soon after he’s done with her. But Christian brings her to the submissives room and lets her rest. He awakens her with the kiss and she gets dressed. They dance in his apartment before going to dinner. Kate is also there and Ana gets to meet Christian’s father Carrick (played by Andrew Airlie, Fantastic Four and Apollo 18) and his sister Mia (played by Rita Ora, Beyond the Lights and she’s also a singer).


Christian leaves dinner with Ana to show her around after she announces she’s going to go visit her Mother, Carla in Georgia (played by Jennifer Ehle, Robocop and The King’s Speech). He takes her to the pool house (not the boathouse like in the book, no sex here either). They argue but in the end they go home. Ana leaves Christian and heads off to Georgia, promising to think about the contract and being with him while she’s there. He shows up after Ana texts him that she misses him. They spend some time together but after a gliding date, Christian has to rush home due to some emergency. Ana returns and goes straight to Christian, after being picked up by Taylor. When she arrives Christian is flustered but happy to see her and tells her to go to the play room. She does but is also sent to the submissive room to stay the night.


This is something that Ana just can’t seem to except as okay. Christian and her argue over it but in the end Ana is the one who gets hurt. Ana wants to know how far Christian will go and he shows her but Ana is accepting it and goes to hid in her room. Christian comes to see her after Ana confesses that she’s in love with him and he is anything but happy. Ana gets dressed and tells Christian that this can’t work and leaves. She returns the items that Christian bought her and asks for a check for her car that Taylor sold. She leaves but Christian goes after her but Ana tells him not too touch her. She gets in the elevator and they say goodbye and boom, end of movie.

Overall the movie gives you an excellent look at the story for the Fifty Shades of Grey book series. This movie is strictly the first book, please remember this. Also, they can’t do everything in the book and it shows in the movie. There’s about 20 minutes of sex (if you time it, thank you Huffington Post for timing it) and you get to see the chemistry. You get an introduction to Mrs. Robinson but you do not get to see her (same as the books, she’ll be in the next one). There are two scenes that I’m not buying Christian Grey but Jamie makes up for it later. And I personally love the take on Christian’s point of few compared to the books where you just get Ana’s side. I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

If you need a good movie or a good date night thing, this movie is it. I’m actually planning to see it a 2nd time soon. Also I recommend downloading the soundtrack.


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