Big Plans, If they Fall into Place

Recently I came across an internship that would be perfect for me. It’s exactly what I want to do after I graduate college and getting a little taste before hand would make it all that more worth while. I took 24 hours and thought about it and instantly applied for it, with the consent of both of my parents. I needed their opinion because if I got it, it would require a move for a few months, out to California.

I’m not saying I’ll get it. I’ll just be happy if I get a phone call/email response. There’s probably thousands of people who are going to apply for it but I would be honored to be considered. Anyway, I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I applied last week. It’s always in the back of my head and since I’ve been having a very rough time at work right now, I’m constantly hoping it’ll work out.

The change would be good for several reasons. All of which I’m sure you can guess but let me name a few. The first would be a change of scenery. I’ve been stuck around here in Michigan for too long. The second is that I need a change of pace in the work area. I’m getting really tired of the same old crap day after day, not that I’m saying this will not have the same effect sometimes. And third, I need to just get away.

I’ve stated before how much I need a vacation and this would be kind of a working one.

This is a paid internship and full-time. Finding a place to live for a few months would be interesting but I could make it work. I would have to put off a semester of college for it but I’d be willing to do it. My co-workers that I have right now, know that if I get it I’m not coming back. And I have to admit that if I get it, I’d probably not come back unless I have to. I’m a hard worker and I can prove my worth very quickly.

Again, it’s a long shot even if I get a email/phone call in response to my application. But keep your fingers crossed for me will you?


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