Worlds Apart is Right – Surivivor – TV Show Review

Lets take a moment to reflect on the fact that I will be 25 this year and for 15 years of my life, 30 seasons, I’ve watched Survivor. Yes I’ve missed a couple of episodes when it first airs but I always catch the show on demand or at my sister’s house (hey DVR). We’ve even spent two seasons while camping listening over the radio (yes that’s still exists).


So for the 30th season, Survivor decided to take 3 different walks of life and throw them on an island. White Collar (Yellow), Blue Collar (Blue), and No Collar (Red) are the tribes. Don’t ask me their real names because I go by color for the show til later in the season but mostly stick to color, easier to live tweet with. Anyway we’re shown how different these people are right away and that this is gonna be an interesting season.


We begin with picking two leaders from each of the 3 tribes. Which means they’re going to have to do something and already a target on your back. Once they get back to where their camp is going to be, the two leaders are sent off to the water area. They have to make a choice:

  1. Deceive: get a small bag of beans (I’m assuming this is the rice of the season) and get a clue to the hidden idol


2. Honest: Get a large bag of beans and no clue.

At this point in the game, you want to stick to honest because people are going to not trust you right away. Red and Blue went honest but those good old Yellows went to deceive to get the clue. This comes back to bite Joaquin and So, when Carolyn is able to find the idol without the clue. Now, this is an issue I have with these idols. They’re not hidden well and people can just find them whenever, I want people to work for these damn things. I think that way they’d be able to value them a bit more and maybe keep them quiet.

Anyway we see some fighting, fire (for Red and Blue) and alliances forming at we get camp together. But the most important thing we got here is our first ever Survivor Stalker (I’ve hash tagged it to and he will forever be this for the season). Vince formed an alliance with Jen and when she comes back from talking to Joe, he immediately goes into jealous girlfriend mode, quizzing her about Joe. Needless to say it’s a bit creepy and he somehow is able to get a hug out of the deal.

Just when you’ve reached your point of bonding at tribes, lets throw the Immunity Challenge. Two places, last goes to tribal. This is a mess of a challenge, there’s endurance, and puzzles. My favorite combination. But the most important thing to remember is that no matter who’s ahead, it all comes down to that puzzle. This time however we got the choice of 3 puzzles, each tribe gets to pick which one they want to do. The first is 5 piece, second is 10, third if 50. This of course, depending on which one you choose, can be easy and who is doing the puzzle too.

The Yellow tribe gets through the endurance section first and picks the 50 piece puzzle, picked by Shirin. Red is close behind and chooses the 10 piece puzzle, picked by Joe. Blue has fallen behind but is able to catch up, going with the 10 piece puzzle as well. Joe whips through the puzzle quickly and Red wins first place. Yellow is quickly falling behind and Blue catches up and gets 2nd place, sending Yellow off to tribal.

At this point, Yellow should send a girl home (keep their strength) and it should in theory be Shirin because she didn’t want to switch out with the puzzle til it was too late. However for some reason, So has chosen that Carolyn needs to go and she begins to offer up the idea to her other tribe mates back at camp. Carolyn notices everyone is being talked to but waits to see what is going on. One of the 3 guys (don’t know names of everyone yet) tells Carolyn that they plan on voting her off because he clearly doesn’t want her to go. Carolyn is pissed and decides to take out So, but she tells that she has an idol.

I WANT TO STRESS THIS. Why is it when it comes to the hidden idol, people can’t keep them a secret? Why is this so damn difficult? They’re called HIDDEN IDOLS for a reason. But no in every season they are told to someone and then it filters to everyone knowing that the person has one. For real people, don’t tell that you have an idol.

Well this tribal council is interesting. Carolyn and So basically take over with argument and the rest just sit back and watch, including Jeff. Well finally it breaks off and they vote. Now at this point you should be thinking that if Carolyn doesn’t play her idol she’s going home. But you also have to remember that when it came to the Honest or Deceive, Yellow tribe didn’t buy the lie that So and Joaquin tried to tell to them. However in the end So is given a blindside and sent home and Carolyn gets to keep her idol.

Slow moving start to the season but that’s how they all begin. But we do have an idol found right off the bat. We have three very different tribes. We have a Survivor Stalker. We have blue tribe that has a difficult time with agreeing. We have a lot of work to do. Yes this season is going to prove interesting, especially since it seems that the Yellow tribe is getting naked next week and Red is going nuts. Yes I think interesting is the word we’re going to choose here. I give this premiere a 8 out of 10 stars.


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