10 Days of Laughter – Laughfest 2015

When it comes to wanting people to enjoy themselves, I strive to do all that I can. It doesn’t matter if I’m hosting or if I’m just there, I want to make sure those around me are enjoying themselves. I’d hate for someone to say they weren’t having fun. All that being said, Laughfest in Grand Rapids is 10 days of bringing that method to life. 10 days of comedy filled fun with big names coming to Michigan. And somehow this year we actually had a warm weather event? I think a lot of those comedians are wondering what we’ve been complaining about all winter.

First up for me was seeing Wanda Sykes. Monday night with my neighbor, who’s more like a Grandmother to me, her granddaughter and her girlfriend. We had probably the best seats I’ve ever had in the 5 years of this show. Balcony close to the stage, can’t beat that. And Wanda was worth every penny. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


I took a few days away from the event (hello school and work ruining the fun) and then hit up the fun that weekend. First up was Bo Burnham on Saturday night. Honestly the guy has the weird sense of humor that I love and all of the blatantly honest comments make it all worth it. Seats were farther back but still a clear shot to the stage. I forgot how tight the seats are at the Fountain Street Church. Either way, good show and some throw back to his old stuff too. The few drinks before the show made helped too.

Last day of the Festival is a special one. I have spent 5 years watching my friend Liz get up there and do her stand-up. I haven’t missed a show and I wasn’t about to miss this year either. One hour early left room for a couple of drinks, some food and conversation with some people I don’t get to see that often. 15 comics this time around, last year I believe there were only 6. I could be wrong there but I know we definitely didn’t have the 15 like this year. I personally don’t want to hate too much because I know getting up on stage is difficult as it is but there were a few people who just didn’t have their game on. I think out of those 15 I liked 4 of the comics. One guy is particular was just really rough to listen too. The crazy part to me is all of the people that travel from out of state for 5 minutes on that stage. It’s also unpaid too. But I guess if that’s what you really want to do you need to travel right?

Below is Liz’s performance this year:

Overall this was probably one of my more busy years when it comes to Laughfest. If Liz hadn’t performed on Sunday I probably would’ve when to the Colin and Brad show that was literally at the same time. I saw them a couple of years ago and they were hilarious. I mean who doesn’t like Whose Line Is It Anyway? One of my favorite shows. Either way, Laughfest is 10 days of awesome fun and if you haven’t been, you really should. I promise a good time and lots of laughs.


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