Added some New Categories

I decided since I have begun to post a Quote of the Day every day and a TV Show Meme (right now it’s walking dead but I’ll expand on it), I have added two new categories to my Blog. I was set when I started writing this blog that the categories I had would be good enough. However I do not want to clutter up two of my basic categories for these posts so I gave them there own. Keep in mind I have not added/edited a Category since I added the Movie/TV Show reviews in after a couple of months of having my blog.

Things are changing. Also, last Monday I added a live feed of my Twitter to the sidebar. I have also posted the RSS feed and a link to follow it/my blog. I also added my instagram page in for those who are interested in my quiet normal life. I figured if they went to my Twitter feed and you’d see them there it wouldn’t hurt to put the link on my blog as well.

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog/follow it.


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