Trying to Keep a Positive Outlook

You know life has a way of throwing you around. Lets face fact here, that’s just seems to always be the mark. So I applied for an internship (2 in fact) and I finally heard something on one of them. It wasn’t much but it was that my application was being reviewed by management. Now it’s not an interview or anything but it’s more than what I’ve gotten in the past couple of months. So naturally I was very happy. Not only that I got to visit with some friends from out of town and I also got A on my math quiz. I’m not doing particularly well in that class so it was a nice little boost for me.

So I went to work and refused to let anything ruin my day. And I was determined on that and I stayed true to it. Got home, started to do some homework and boom, the other shoe drops. Yes apparently I am now once again short a class to graduate in the fall. My understanding after my meeting last month was that I was all set, now I’m told I have yet another class to take. So I’m once again out more money and I’m once again going to be screwed over. Yes, to say I was upset would be an understatement of the century. And I let my adviser at school know I was upset and to point out the fact that in about a week or two she could once again come at me with yet another class I have to take.

To make matters worse, she couldn’t meet with me to discuss this until next week. Nice of you to drop that little bomb, knowing it was going to tick me off and them refuse to help me with it until next week. Well I shouldn’t say not help me, you just threw the class I needed right into my schedule and didn’t tell me until you sent out that email. Very unprofessional and I let her know that. We’ve been emailing back and forth and finally I have an appointment in a week. One week I get to sit on this. One week I get to really consider if I want to continue at the University I am at. One week to not have any answered. That’s just what I need going into a holiday weekend at my work.

Supposedly she put in a request (after I get pissed and let her know about it) to have a different class replace the one that I now suddenly need. Keep in mind that the one classes added to my fall semester last month was to meet residency at school. So if this other class is required for me to graduate then I shouldn’t need to retake a class I’ve already taken. Well I never got an answer on that one. And I’ll be damned if I take/retake a class I don’t need. So now I have to see if this request is going to get approved or not. I’m not counting on it because my luck isn’t that good and this school clearly just wants to get more money out of me rather than care about my well being. I can see why they have issues getting students here on the school now.

So today I had a meeting with my financial aid counselor. That was to figure how much i owe for the fall (aka how much more in student loans do I need). I’m right around where I should be. However I do not want to do anything about this until I hear about what is officially happening with my last semester. Basically am I taking two or three classes? And at this point it sure as hell better be two, not three because if that’s the case I really don’t have anything nice to say about this school. And if I do have to take that third class then I’m definitely going to try and get appointment with the Dean of students because I feel like I’m getting played here. And if it’s happening to me I know it’s gotta be happening to other students.


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