A Little Update

Hey guys! I know I’ve been kinda MIA for the past week. I’m right in the middle of finals for the Winter semester and I am attempting to keep my focus there (work could stress me a little less though). However, I don’t want anyone to think I have forgettan about this! I haven’t, and if I had more spare time I’d get into this a little bit more but I only have about five minutes before class.

First, the summer internship I applied for (one of them) has been filled. I’m disappointed but I understand that they probably wanted someone closer to the location (I’m in Michigan, it was in LA). But I would’ve rocked that for them. Can’t say I didn’t try though right?

Second, I have finished two of my classes and I have succeeded in having B+ in both of them as my final grades so I am very pleased with that result. I have a math final today and a one more final project to complete. I should be able to achieve the goals I have set for these last two classes as well. The math final could be tricky though.

And third and final, I am going to Chicago this weekend. I’ll be posting pictures and things from my visit. It’s a little getaway for me even if the Midwest has decided it’s going to get cold again all of a sudden. Oh well, I’ll be getting the little break I need so that’s what matters.

After Thursday, I will begin my regular posts of quotes and memes. Please bare with me til then. I hope all is going well for you!


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