Chicago Vacation

I got to go back to one if my favorite cities again, Chicago. Not only that I got to spead some time with some good friends. However, I got to mark an item off my bucket list too! Well, two this actually!

The first was to visit the Sky Deck Ledge at Willis Tower!


Yeah it’s high and you have to do it at least once. I did all three of the ledges! And I got a guy to go out on one with his girlfriend (he was terrified of heights).

The second item, find the Shameless houses. The Gallagher’s house, Kev and Veronica’s house and the Jackson house. I got to see all three!




Yeah all three. We drove but you can take the L too (its about a 15 minute walk from the station). Its not in a horrible part of Chicago but just be aware of your surroundings. There were neighbors outside (across the street) that we had a little conversation with. They knew why were there before we got out of the car.

I seriously had a blast and it was exactly the get away I needed. I want to go back this month. I’m probably going to end up moving there for work, maybe. Either way, it was a great trip! I have so many pictures! I even got to see the city all light up at night! So gorgeous!





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