Taking on a New Project

So by now I hope some of you know that I am a Web Design and Development student. That being said I also am going to be graduating this fall with my bachelors degree. I am currently taking on a new project, which will require quite a bit of time by the start and hopefully I can get it done and working correctly sooner rather than later. I have taken over a website from a friend and I have begun to talk with the owners of the business the site is representing. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss what they are looking for. My understand right now is they need it be mobile friendly. I am hoping to be able to take out my entire experience here on WordPress and throughout my education and put it to this site. They already have a server host but I’m not sure if it’s a cost in morning or it’s free. These of course are things that will be discussed. I am hoping to swing it to WordPress just because I am familiar with it’s tools and since they are looking for a mobile friendly site, it’ll make keeping it mobile friendly a lot easier.

All of this is going to need to be figured out but I’m excited to really get started and I’ve kind of got an idea on what I want the site to look like but they also need to be happy with it too. And compared to their old site, which is dated, anything will probably be better. But I don’t want to say anything more because things are going to be need to be figured out and things put to work in the coding. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.


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