A Supernatural Fail – Supernatural Season 10 Finale – TV Show Review

Ten years of Supernatural seems like a small amount of time but it’s long for a TV show. I have loved this show from the pilot and even though the finales are torture, I still tune in for more. That being said this latest season had some great episodes and some not so great ones. I feel like the writers are starting to give upon coming up with a story to tell for the Winchesters. But that’s another story I’ll get to all together.

So let start with what this season was supposed to do.This season promised “The Year of the Deanmon”. Yeah it most definitely wasn’t a year and only about two episodes doesn’t really deem a year. Yes we played up the mark and that it was eating away at Dean throughout the rest of the season but honestly you can’t call it the Year of the Deanmon if you’re not going to give me at least half of the season. Yes I’m happy Dean is back to “normal” but lets just try and play up that story for a just a little bit longer.

Alright lets fast forward to the finale. The group has basically decided the mark has to go but Dean doesn’t want to use the Book of the Damned in order for it to happen. Charlie was killed by the Stein Family (Frankstein family) and it torn Dean apart. He even almost killed Castiel (first Charlie, then that tease, hell no writers put me in the hospital why don’t ya). Meanwhile Rowena now is able to decode the book thanks to Charlies codex translation and Dean has run off to get away from the group and to finish this whole mark business.

“Dean isn’t Dean right now Rudy.” – Sam Winchester

Jump forward to the finale where Dean is missing and Sam and Castiel are trying to find him. They have a way of fixing Dean and getting rid of the mark and are ready to take whatever comes their way in the process. Dean is out hunting with another hunter Rudy who has called for help. There’s a group of vampires in town and basically Dean does save the one girl but doesn’t think twice about having Rudy get killed. Meanwhile Sam and Castiel now know what ingredients they need in order for Rowena to complete the spell: the forbidden fruit, forbidden statue and the heart of someone Rowena’s love (or their blood). Castiel goes to Crowley for help who knows exactly here to get the ingredients and that they have the forbidden fruit wrong, it’s not the apple. First lets talk about the fact that Crowley just knows all of this already and isn’t surprised when Castiel needs him help. Also, he seems to know that the waiter is someone that Rowena used to love and gave an immortal spell too. Just a little to easy for Crowley to have and known all of this stuff already.

Second, Dean has gone off the deep end and he knows that he is at the edge of no return. So what to do? Oh he calls Death. Yes I’m happy to see Death return and yes I’m happy that they finally went to him to get answers. This has something that I needed to see happen because the storyline and whole “getting rid” of the mark thing was getting really old, really fast. And Death has a story for Dean about the mark and how it came to be. See the bible didn’t get it right, surprise? I think definitely not. He says before God made the angels and humans when he first made the Earth there was “The Darkness” it was worse than anything imaginable, it consumed everything in its path.

My first thought in hearing this is that last time we knew the worst thing out there was the Leviathans. That’s why God made purgatory. But nope, now there is something even worst, something else that God had to lock away. And in order to keep it locked away because it’s powerful they had to make a key for it, kind of like the damn box Lucifer is in. But God gave the key to Lucifer and before he was locked away he gave it to Cain, as in the mark. And the mark can’t go away because it would let “The Darkness” out.

Alright so now there’s some story to what could happen when the mark is gone. Needless to say Dean doesn’t want to let it out and then Death makes him an offer that he will put him away from people so he can’t harm anyone. Basically his own little planet because Death knows just where would be perfect for him. The problem would be Sam. Sam wouldn’t just let Dean go and he would find a way to bring him back. This is something Death doesn’t want to happen so basically Dean needs to kill Sam.

At this point, Death isn’t being the Death we know. I get that the Winchesters have been causing problems but he always seemed on their side. This time Death isn’t like that, it’s like he’s a new character, not what I expected or wanted.

“Far from it actually.” – Death

“No one asked you!” – Sam Winchester

Sam is able to find Dean and Dean tells him what he has to do. Sam isn’t happy about it and when the push comes to shove suddenly Sam is fine with it. He knows what has to be done. There is no fight between the two of them except throwing a few punches. Honestly this part is disappointing. These two before would do anything for each other, anything, including keeping the gates of hell open in order to save each other. And now suddenly I’m supposed to believe that Sam is just going to die for Dean? Umm yes this is another issue I’m having with the writing of this episode. Don’t worry, I’ll get more into that later on.

Anyway Sam brings out the photos that Dean proudly displayed in his room at the bunker and tells him to use these photos to find himself again when the mark gets to be too much. Sam knows he’s the good guy Dean has always been and that Dean will find a way to better the mark. Death hands over his weapon for Dean to kill Sam with and just when you are supposed to think Dean will go through with it, he turns around and gets Death. Death turns into a puddle of dust or dirt and Sam is shocked. Yes Dean, “killed” death. Ugh another point to mention later.

Naturally the two have decided they’ll try to fix Dean and get rid of the mark using the spell Rowena has. Dean isn’t okay with letting “the darkness” out but he wants to get rid of the mark too. Just when the two seem to be ready to go, Rowena completes her spell (killing the waiter Seth aka Oscar the man she loved) and sends the spell out. The mark is taken off of Dean’s arm and shot up into the sky. However back with Rowena, Castiel and Crowley, Rowena who couldn’t break out of the cuffs she was in is suddenly able to break free and stop both Castiel and Crowley in their tracks. Suddenly she has this power to use? Why would she willingly submit to being held by Sam if she just break free all of that time? Yeah lets work on that one later.

“I think I killed Death.” – Dean Winchester

So cliffhanger, “the darkness” is released into the world and swallows up Dean and Sam who are in the impala. Meanwhile, Rowena has broken free and now has Castiel and Crowley held. She uses a spell to make Castiel basically into a rabbited dog who is now going to attack Crowley. And those are your cliffhangers, end of season 10. Wait til fall for season 11.

I think at this point it’s safe to point out that this was definitely not a Supernatural finale we are used to. It was BORING. It was lame and quite frankly the worst writing this show has ever experienced and I’m jumping back to when this show was a little baby. Yes I’m sure you can think of a few episodes that I am talking about.

Alright first point, lets get to how these last few episodes went. The Frankstein themed family was POINTLESS for this entire season. It’s like we wanted to make them into a bad guy but we didn’t really know how to develop a story so we will just throw them in and hope it works. Yes they were tracing the book but really it was dumb and you killed Charlie off for nothing. And then you go and tease that Castiel might have been killed by Dean. No my heart can’t take anymore of you killing off my favorite characters. Knock it off!

Second point, “The Darkness” seriously? That’s the best damn thing you can come up with? I mean did we even think about it or did when you were discussing someone just used “The Darkness” as a code word and you forgot it was a code and went from there. I’m going to quote Sam here in “what the hell is that?” Yes I’m pissed about this. And quite frankly I’m appalled that you (yes writers you) thought it was a good idea. This is the worst played out story. Hell the damn Disney channel came up with something like that when I was about ten years old. Yawn, get it together and at least try to write decent storyline or just end the damn show.

Third point, Rowena suddenly is all powerful. I’d believe she could’ve gotten some power from the book but we didn’t even give that a thought. Suddenly she can break out of her chains and can control both Castiel and Crowley. Yes she’s powerful and yes she does have was twisted magic but suddenly it’s all better? Okay at this point you’ve basically destroyed my faith in your storyline for the Winchesters and I want to head over to the set and make sure you know what you’ve done.

I know I can’t be the only one upset. A supernatural finale is supposed to be hard, not boring. It’s supposed to be a cliffhanger, it’s supposed to be way more than what you gave us for season 10. I’m appalled at what you presented and I’m offended that you thought it was worthy of the season and the Winchesters.

Most importantly lets talk about this “darkness” a little bit more. That is the lamest idea ever. And honestly you had several other choices to make in order to create a great cliffhanger. You could’ve had Lucifer’s cage break open. You could’ve had Lucifer get out. You could’ve had Michael get out. Hell you could’ve finally gotten Adam out for crying out loud. Instead you go with “the darkness”? Like seriously? This is what you can come up with? LAME!

I give this finale 2 out of 10 stars. I can’t believe I am even given an episode of Supernatural a rating this low but that is how disappointed I was with it. I’m glad that I skipped it and watched the Survivor finale instead.


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