I’ve been absent, I’m sorry!

I realize I have been a little lax on the updates here. I apologize it’s been a crazy past few weeks. I started up my summer semester of school, I welcomed another niece into the world (pictures to follow) and I have been working like crazy.

I’m spread a little thin, mostly I work, do the garden, school and sleep. I watch a few shows but really a lot of time is already taken. I’m determined to get the grass growing in all parts of the yard. So far I’ve had a really nice chunk come in and stay and grow great so I’m going to start another section. Took a while to get more grass seed but finally was able to get to the store to do it.

Work has been driving me nuts lately. I love seeing that what I’ve been complaining about is now starting to be noticed by those who should’ve noticed it first. I guess I’m not really complaining when it’s a real problem huh? It’s nice to know that I’m being ignored. I only say things in order to fix them before they become an issue but that is just pushed aside. Then we act all shocked when it comes crumbling down. I just smile, laugh and walk away. I can’t handle the stress they try to give me. I let it get to me sometimes but I’m to the point were I can’t have the energy to care anymore.

As for my summer semester, I have one class per period (2 per semester). This first class is probably one of the weirdest ones I have ever taken. It’s Project Management and we literally are doing some of the dumbest projects ever. Plus we work in teams so basically only two of us are working, the other three pop in about once a week to make sure things are getting done. Not very helpful. Oh well I’ll get an A in the class and move onto the next one.

As for the new addition to my family, my little niece Eleanor was born 6/7 at 2:12am. Yes we kept us up all night but she came quick when it came down to it. She has been such a cutie and she makes little noises all the time, I told my sister she’ll be talking before she knows it, giving her a run for her money. But I mean really, how can you resist this face?:


See she’s adorable! I’ve got my work cut out for me for trying to match that cuteness in my drawing. It’ll be tough and several drafts but I did it for my brother’s kids so I have to do it for my sister. She is so precious.

I do have family in town but it’s really time I think for them to go. They leave in a couple of days and I’m already ready for it to be tomorrow. I sound like a bitch, I know but I get my entire space invaded and it’s just a little much for me. Plus we have to entertain them, whenever I go anywhere, like Chicago, I entertain myself and do what I have to do. It’s just odd to have people stare at you expecting you to juggle or something. We’re all adults here.

Also, I’ve had to work every day there here and the last thing I want to do after a nine hour day at work is to come home and have six people staring at me waiting for me to help them find something to do. So I go do my homework, I had a baby shower for a friend yesterday (all of my friends are popping out kids lately) and now today I’m working on homework. Sorry but I can’t pause things like work and school. Especially work because I have all I can do to get a damn day off lately. Let alone the weekend I want at the end of the month.


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